now, pc makers target children - writing pad for pc-ITATOUCH-img

now, pc makers target children - writing pad for pc

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-25
now, pc makers target children  -  writing pad for pc
Bangalore: computers with cartoon characters everywhere, cute colors, stylish design, stylish shell, and defense
Bacterial keyboard.
That's why computer manufacturers are now increasingly designing products for children as children are rapidly becoming the main decision-making --
Manufacturer of PC purchase.
There's nodi's skin on HP's computer, blue, and nodi and his red car outside.
In addition to this, the Noddy kit comes with a bag, plate, water
Bottles, Garmin boxes, hats, Compass boxes and writing boards are all nodi colors and pictures.
In 2007, Lenovo and Disney Consumer Products jointly launched a Power Rangers mysterious Power theme desktop.
The limited edition desktop is aimed at children and features vibrant red skin with superheroes from the mysterious power series.
"For a family, PC purchasing decisions are driven by the needs and needs of young people.
Children who use PC for daily education and entertainment are a growing group, "V-
Lenovo India's trading consumer sales.
Shubhodip Pal, HP India's head of consumer marketing, said that in addition to lifestyle computing, people use personal computers for educational purposes.
"Our Nordy live program is launched with the same strategy to help educate children in an entertaining way," he said . ".
Lenovo said that the Power Rangers version has received a good response and has now entered the K-series version.
"Its bright vision technology automatically detects the distance between the user and the display and alerts the user.
This helps to protect the eyes of users and is especially important for children.
It also has a counter.
A bacterial keyboard that protects users from harmful bacteria, "said Ramprasad.
A home desktop computer is usually used for education, entertainment or work from home.
Students are the primary users of home computers, and they account for a large proportion of these sales.
Sumanta Mukherjee, chief analyst (PC research)
According to IDC India, "desktops for children usually feature brightly colored chassis, keyboard, mouse, and/or joystick.
"These are usually tied up with learning and entertainment materials as cd/dvd.
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