odisha govt inks mou: odisha govt inks mou to provide civil services coaching to odia students | bhubaneswar news - times of india - panasonic interactive whiteboard

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-07
odisha govt inks mou:  odisha govt inks mou to provide civil services coaching to odia students | bhubaneswar news - times of india  -  panasonic interactive whiteboard
Bhutan War: those who can't afford the expensive civil service training costs outside the state can get it here as the State Higher Education Department signed a memorandum of understanding with Dhyeya Education Services Private Limited on Thursday to provide
As the success rate of Odia students for all civil service examinations in India is not encouraging;
The initiative aims to increase the success rate of students in the state, while also giving them an opportunity to think about and pursue the career of civil servants.
As part of the initiative, the state government will provide a fee waiver of 75 to students selected under the program.
Bishnupada Sethi, Minister of Higher Education, said students with annual household income of up to Rs 2 will receive a 100 tuition fee waiver.
The total cost of the course is approximately Rs 70,000.
Each year, at least 100 graduating students will be selected for coaching facilities through competitive examinations.
Some states though-
The University of Management has facilities to provide counseling facilities for civil servants;
They cannot provide comprehensive and high-quality guidance.
The department has also introduced a standard uniform syllabus for undergraduate students across the state to comply with the international standard syllabus, which will enable students to work and study.
Earlier, the ministry set up a committee of well-known educators to finalize the syllabus.
"The standard unified syllabus will be implemented after passing the academic board," Sethi said . ".
The ministry has also signed another memorandum of understanding (MOU) with India telecom Consultants Limited (TCIL)
Communications, intelligence and virtual classrooms under the telecom authority 101-
Degree institutions (51 Govt.
50 aided colleges and universities).
"This will bring digital education to students in the most advanced way.
Each smart classroom has a desktop, interactive whiteboard, and a short throw --
"Projectors, portable visualization tools, whiteboards, green boards, wireless microphones and cameras," the minister of higher education said . ".
He said the move would expose students to the modern and quality education system.
Students of these degree colleges can learn through audio
Mode of visual learning.
Teachers and students in the classroom can interact with students from other degree colleges with the help of smart classrooms.
Through advanced functions, the whole classroom teaching can be recorded, and classroom teaching can also be carried out for other students.
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