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offices grow 'brains' as companies seek to attract smarter workers - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-29
offices grow \'brains\' as companies seek to attract smarter workers  -  smart
When the future office opens in Berlin this year, the staff does not need a key to get into it, there is plenty of meeting space here and a lot of copiers are always full of paper and high
In order to maximize the health of workers and reduce the time of illness, high quality air was treated.
Their smartphones will help guide them in the new workplace --
They may need help because they don't have a fixed desk.
As technology changes the way we work and where we work, real estate developers are using artificial intelligence to create more sustainable workplaces that help employees work more efficiently and comfortably.
The fierce competition for talent is turbo-
Charge the trend of Berlin.
Although the city used to be a little behind in business, it has gained a reputation as a start-up in recent yearsup hub.
The vacancy rate in the office has dropped to 1.
As rents soar, this is the ideal place for developers to showcase these new offices.
The owners of Berlin are inspired by the Netherlands, home to several smart and sustainable office projects.
Rapid growth of start-ups
Ups like Zalando and Delivery Hero are driving demand for office space in the German capital.
Two new smart offices are under construction.
The land of the people on the wall of Berlin next to Berlin's main railway station.
The Cube, built by Austrian real estate company CA Immo, will be completed by the end of this year, edge technology will be built into the edge central station, and a subsidiary of Dutch OVG Real estate company plans to £ 2020.
"The office building is a new company car.
In my world, people no longer need cars as extra benefits.
They looked around and said, 'This will be a good place to work, '"said Martin Rocard, executive director of German edge technology.
Both offices have a sensor network that can measure everything from motion, temperature and lighting to humidity and carbon dioxide and connect to the cloud platform.
Shopify experiment in the cube of the second generation of the concept of Open Office sin in Toronto, the technology is called the self of the "brain"
Analyze all the data it receives and optimize the learning software for how the building works.
For example, if a part of a building is unoccupied, it can turn off lights and heating systems.
It can deliver more oxygen if the meeting room is crowded.
App knowstimetables, the locations user accesses the building via the smartphone App, which knows their schedule and may suggest sitting next to the window or on the floor where the meeting is scheduled.
The app is available for booking meeting rooms, ordering and navigating the building.
In order to find their own desk, the staff need navigation aids.
The Office adopts a "thermal design" system in which employees do not have permanent desks, but appropriate work areas suitable for the type of work they want to do.
Lockers for storage items will be provided.
Smart offices can also minimize day-to-day setbacks, such as the lack of paper for printers or the inability to find colleagues, Rodeck said.
Google's workplace makes other office workers envy future jobs: mobile offices, more flexible, but temporary jobs. The printer works in predictive maintenance mode.
Just like a car warning fuel runs out, when the machine needs paper, the printer sends an alarm to the building's management system so that someone can fill it up.
However, in order to take advantage of these advantages, users need to actively choose
In the building, both their colleagues and their bosses can see it.
When doing so, they override the default settings to "hide ".
Studies have shown that people work better in environments where air quality is good, noise and humidity levels are comfortable.
Comparing the rate of sickness in old and new offices highlights the potential benefits of the countryof-the-art buildings.
Rodeck said that in 2015, when consulting firm Deloitte moved into the iconic smart building of OVG Real Estate on the edge of Amsterdam, the company found that sick leave dropped sharply as the number of job seekers increased
Before Zalando, an online fashion retailer, designed a new headquarters, the company asked employees to share their opinions on the existing workspace.
The staff complained that the meeting room was too small and noisy to concentrate.
The new headquarters will open in early 2019 and workers can choose quiet jobs from the library, telephone booths for private conversations and living rooms located on open cat steps to encourage interaction.
"It is important that we provide a working environment for everyone," said Raimund Paetzmann, vice president of real estate at Zalando . ".
Zalando plans to install smart technology in order to book a table at home, eliminating the stress of getting to the office and not knowing where to sit.
When transferred to heat-
A survey by CCL consulting and real estate agent Savills found that half of those under 35 did not want to give up their fixed desks.
"We all need our home, a safe haven, and part of our office . "
Tank zukunftsnauut.
"Many employees question how they will organize their daily work life and where they can put photos of their children.
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