olivia wilde wears a tasteful red trouser-suit as she attends special screening of her directorial debut booksmart with proud fiancé jason sudeikis - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-14
olivia wilde wears a tasteful red trouser-suit as she attends special screening of her directorial debut booksmart with proud fiancé jason sudeikis  -  smart
She's a well-
The famous actress, but Olivia Wilder walked the red carpet in Los Angeles on Monday night as her director.
The former House star made his debut in the comedy Booksmart and will be released at the theater on May 24 after performing at the film festival.
Olivia, 35, looks beautiful in a red suit and a red pussy.
She was wearing a bow shirt when she arrived for a special screening with proud fiancé Jason sudeix.
Wilde's jacket is decorated with red rhinestones on the shoulders and pockets.
The custom pair of trousers was Horn and fell off her shoes.
She wore her shoulder.
Blonde hair.
Center apart, curled at the end.
Her 43-year-old partner, Jason Sudeikis, supported her on her big night, and she shared two young children with him.
Booksmart revolves around two outstanding senior high school students played by Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever.
On the day of graduation, the two began to think that they should work less and play more, so they decided to try and pack the four-year party into one night.
She explained in a recent iHeartRadio interview that since the bridesmaids, there has not been a movie about two of the best female friends, which is really, really true to me.
"I want to do something that feels fun and real, and also celebrate smart girls who don't try to assimilate," she added . ".
I know it's interesting and important.
Dever and Feldstein attended the screening with their colleagues
Starring Billy lourde, Molly Gordon, and Lisa Kudro.
And will Ferrer, the executive producer of the film.
The special guest is actor Jonah Hill, the brother of Feldstein, who has been supporting her performance in the film.
The 25-year-old Feldstein sparkled in a sleeveless black dress decorated with colorful sequins and a black belt at the waist.
Hill, 35, is wearing a black hoodie that says he's "Benai's brother" with black trousers and Adidas sneakers.
Dever, 22, wore a white shirt with cuffs on his collar.
She added a custom black trousers with a bright pink scarf around her waist.
The actress stood on the podium. soled peep-
Toe Shoes showing pink pedicure.
Gordon, 23, walked on the red carpet wearing a plush black mini dress
Cut in square neckline.
She wore black sandals with short sleeves.
Lourder's ankle looks cute-
Floral print dress.
The red dress hugs her curve and shows a fl edge and 26-year-
She wore black sandals and her hair combed high with bun.
Kudrow, 55, is dating her 21-year-old son, Julian Murray Stern.
The former friend's star is wearing a trendy green shirt and white casual pants, while her only son with her husband Michelle Stern is wearing a brown zip jacket
Black jeans and two shirtstone sneakers.
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