oooh, mr smarty-smart is talking vs i was told i would be debating former national security advisor

oooh, mr. smarty-smart is talking! vs. i was told i would be debating former national security advisor brent scowcro - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-21
oooh, mr. smarty-smart is talking! vs. i was told i would be debating former national security advisor brent scowcro  -  smart
Oh, look sir. Smarty-
Be smart and talk about all the important things he knows. Look at me! I'm sooo smart.
I am smarter than all the people in the world.
I know everything.
I was wearing shiny shoes and a big and beautiful tie.
Look at my expensive suit.
I bought it in a clothing store that is very big and important.
That dress is too ugly.
You're uglier than the ugliest person ever.
You think you're smart because you're behind the podium, don't you?
Look at me. I also have a platform.
Look at me.
Don't look at him. look at me.
I'm waving and dancing.
My dance is called "Sir ".
Martin McKinnon of Hastings's center for foreign policy analysis is a big fool. Head' dance.
Martin McKinnon is a fat man.
Besides, he is gay.
Why are you wearing a red tie if you're not gay?
Red is the color that gay and baby wear.
Will you cry like a baby now?
You look like you're going.
Do you want a handkerchief? Boo, hoo, hoo!
Waaa, waaa, waaa!
I'm Martin McKinnon, I'm a big baby who likes to cry and likes to suck his widbod.
Do you want me to call your mom?
Ring, Ring, ring! Hello? Mrs. McKinnon?
Martin needs a nap because he is a big kid. Uh, oh!
Someone lost his temper!
Didn't you take a nap today?
Someone got angry and lost the important debate. Oh, no!
What taste is that?
Is that you, sir? McKinnon?
I smell it. Did you fart? Ewww, gross!
The director of Hastings's Foreign Policy Analysis Center farted!
Put on gas masks!
Martin cuts cheese!
Sorry, I don't understand what's going on here.
I have been told clearly that I will be debating with the former national security adviser to the Bush administration, Scowcroft.
I have done a lot of preparation for this debate with the honorable gentleman.
Scowcroft, I want to ask him a lot about China's nuclear espionage activities.
You see, I firmly believe that the Defense Department policy of the Bush administration has helped a lot in the past two years . . . . . . It's my turn to talk, isn't it? Where was I?
Well, let me first point out that throughout the Middle
By the end of 1980S.
During the launch of a satellite in China, nuclear technology was provided free of charge to the Chinese . . . . . . Why are you still doing this?
Please stop now.
On the contrary, certain immature critics will convince you that I am here for one purpose: to discuss the various ways in which the nuclear integrity of this country has been compromised and destroyed in the last years of the Cold War, through a coordinated plan of carelessness and neglect.
In fact, on 1990, Brent Scowcroft worked closely with Dick Cheney . . . . . . Scowcroft?
Why wasn't I told he wasn't there before I showed up?
I have had enough.
Stop now.
I won't say another word until you stop laughing at me.
Don't repeat what I said.
I have been hailed as one of the top experts in the US geopolitical nuclear strategy and have been praised by many people. Now, stop it!
What's wrong with you?
Do you have any psychological problems? Mediator!
Where is the mediator?
I tried to discuss the issue of National imports and my opponent jumped up and down 1 feet screaming. Shut up! Stop laughing! Stop!
Okay, then don't.
I put my fingers in my ears.
I can't hear you anymore.
Mary ate a Little Lamb, a little lamb . . . . . . I can't hear a word of what you said.
You don't exist.
I close my eyes.
You're invisible.
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