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open to interpretation - drawing tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-05
open to interpretation  -  drawing tablet
"Happy art" is a dessert cafe located on the living Road. it is currently home to the art works of cartoonist Balraj KN.
The exhibition, titled "One night in humorland", features a series of cartoon works by artists.
"I 've always been curious about what's going on around me.
"If something hits me, I try to capture it with a drawing or a few lines," Balraj explains . " Balraj "painted from an early age.
He is now focused on politics and office humor.
He did not believe that words were an important part of the drawings.
"But sometimes, I think, you need a direction to think about it.
He added: "You need context and therefore text
Different people have different views on free painting.
This is where painting and comics are slowly becoming art.
Art is open to interpretation.
He says an idea can sprout from anywhere
From what we observe, read, or hear.
"I came up with two or three lines, put it on FB and got a lot of reactions.
Sometimes I came up with a painting based on these reactions.
Some of my comics, especially political ones, have also been strongly opposed.
People follow me on Twitter and give negative comments.
If you believe something in good faith, you must speak it out boldly.
'Manga is not a mainstream profession, and it's not as popular as India, 'says Balraj.
"In fact, I was told that the comics were dying.
Personally, I don't want to build an industry based on this.
I am just doing my part for the society.
He thinks people don't take Comics seriously.
Others take it too seriously and take a crime.
They eliminate their frustration by criticizing works of art.
Talking about his source of inspiration, he said, "I often
Questions about its Fi and making cartoons.
Another common problem that people face-Monday morning blues, I also have a lot of cartoons.
He added that he was also inspired by the work of the international cartoonist.
Even art, Balraj says, has evolved with the times.
"For example, I started painting on paper with a pen or pencil and now I have started using technology.
I draw with my electronic drawing tablet.
He also believes that society needs creative people to take a mirror to show what is happening around them.
Artists sometimes act as mirrors, he added.
"Comics are like spicy pickles.
It makes people laugh, cry, get angry, think.
The cartoon of Balraj will be released on April 23.
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