palisades park to pilot camera-equipped touch-screen parking meters - smart board camera-ITATOUCH

palisades park to pilot camera-equipped touch-screen parking meters - smart board camera

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-01
palisades park to pilot camera-equipped touch-screen parking meters  -  smart board camera
Jpgpalisides Park is replacing the broad avenue and high quality on the mechanical metertech touch-
Parking meter. (Myles Ma/NJ. com)Parryside Park
This is not the most technically advanced community in the world.
It was not until recently that Palisades Park became the last town in Bergen County to launch its own website.
However, if there is no other way, the autonomous city will soon have the most advanced parking meters in the market.
Pallyside Park has signed a contract with the municipal parking service to bring you convenience-
The screen meter extends to the wide avenue.
Of course, these devices will allow people to pay for parking with coins or credit, but the touch screen will also be able to display ads and reminders in multiple languages, including Korean.
According to census data, about 5,000 people living in the Park speak Korean and few others.
"Being able to use electricity meters in multiple languages is a big advantage for us," said assistant autonomous city administrator Austin Ashley . ".
Alerts can also be displayed on the screen-
Photos of missing children, notice of weather emergency
Even advertising.
In addition, Adam Silverstein, spokesman for the municipal parking service, said the meter would have an emergency response button connected to the police station.
"It certainly gives some level of comfort to consumers who may be in the city center, God forbid what happens to them where they need emergency assistance, and they can easily get in touch, Silverstein said.
Most importantly, the meter will help to enforce parking rules
Let them shoot license plates.
If there is any violation, the picture will be sent to the police, and the police can issue a ticket.
Fortunately, there will be a five
Minute grace period for violations.
"We hope that it will generate more parking turnaround, thus reducing the traffic flow of people looking for parking spaces," Ashley said . ".
Ashley said the park has been looking for upgrades for some time.
Mechanical equipment affected by labor force
Intensive maintenance issues.
Ashley said the replacement of them would result in a loss of a portion of the income from pallyside Park, which would be shared with the municipal parking services.
The autonomous city itself does not pay for the upgrade.
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Ashley said that currently, the park is only driving 30 metres on the broad avenue between Central Avenue and pallyside Avenue.
Silverstein said it is expected to install in the coming weeks.
Palisades Park was the first American customer of municipal parking services founded in 2011 by CEO Tom Hudson.
Silverstein said the company does work in Vancouver and is expanding in Canada.
"This is the first pilot project, and we certainly hope this is the beginning of a bigger relationship with the Palisades Park and the tri community
Countries, regions and all over the country, "he said.
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