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panasonic to release 65-inch interactive plasma display. - panasonic interactive whiteboard

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-06
panasonic to release 65-inch interactive plasma display.  -  panasonic interactive whiteboard
Osaka, May 15, 2012-(JCN Newswire)-
Panasonic announced today that it will start shipping its 65-
"Interactive Plasma Display ](TH-65PB1)
In Japan, United States, combined with electronic penfunctionsS.
Europe followed closely by the end of June, and the rest of the world will also serve professionals.
Panasonic also plans to 85-
Inch model, standard whiteboard size, the largest in the world (1)103-
By the end of this year, inch models. The TH-65PB1 and 85-
The Inch prototype will be on display at the educational IT Solutions Expo (2)
It will be held in Tokyo on May 16.
Interactive plasma displays take full advantage of their advantages and provide excellent visibility and operability
Launch plasma panel display with large screen, richcolor expression, wide viewing angle and high viewing anglespeed response. TheTH-
Not only is 65PB1 suitable for interactive display applications, it can also be used as a conference room monitor.
Further drawing of PDP itself
Panasonic has developed a new electronic pen system that can meet the following requirements
The drawing is fast and the writing is smooth and accurate. Up to fourpens(3)
Can be used at the same time. The TH-
65B1 can be installed vertically or horizontally.
When installed vertically, it can display a whole page of digital text on the screen at the same time.
Other possible applications include dividing the screen into two areas, displaying the image in the upper part and using the lower part as an electronic whiteboard.
New interactive plasma display supporting wireless connection (4)
, Can also be used as an asa demo monitor for meetings or lectures to display electronic data stored in an information terminal, such as a personal computer, without coercion.
Panasonic will promote this product as an interactive showcase that provides effective and innovative presentations in various scenarios such as business negotiations or meetings and classrooms. Projector-
Electronic whiteboard has become the mainstream of the interactive electronic whiteboard market.
Direct demand, however
Viewdisplay with excellent display performance and installation flexibility has risen rapidly worldwide, mainly in the enterprise education market.
Global demand for such products is expected to be about 1.
5 million fiscal year tomarch 2013 set about 3 set.
5 million units for the year ended March 2016 (5).
Panasonic will meet the needs of the global market by developing new products
ScreenPDP equipment. 1. Interactivity (1)High-
Panasonic has developed the electronic pen system, which uses the pdp's highspeed light-
The emission of the pixel itself.
A special driver system is included in the PDP.
The driver system detects and displays the pen position of each pixel at full HD resolution at 60 times per second (
1,920x1,080: 2.
7 million pixels).
Therefore, the position of the pen tip coincides with the drawing point, which can be written smoothly and naturally, and fine lines and characters can be clearly displayed.
The system identifies up to four electronic fences (3)
Allows individuals who write lines, pictures, or characters in different colors and thicknesses.
Since the system only detects the position of the electronic pen on the panel, the user can write without worrying about the clothes touching the panel. (2)User-
Friendly electronic pen and multi-function drawing software
The developed electronic pen is designed with a weight balance that is easy to grab and comes with a multi-function button.
Buttons allow the user to perform basic operations without using the toolbar on the panel, including displaying the drawing menu and mouse operations, so that multiple drawings can be processed smoothly.
In addition, drawing software with a variety of drawing and presentation tools will help with a valid presentation. 2.
Large screen and high image quality Panasonic Interactive plasma display will faithfully reproduce a range of content including movies and still images with high image quality, high contrast, rich grayscale and exceptional color unique to PDPs
Wide viewing angle allows the audience sitting on the screen to watch with high viewing angle
The quality image is equivalent to the image seen directly from the front of the screen of the conference room or classroom. 3.
Wireless Connection (4)
Since the new interactive display can be wirelessly connected with pc and other information terminals to display data stored in these devices, it allows for flexible seating layout and enables everyone in the room to be able to make presentations(1)
Display mobile and still images in multiple computers
Multi-live mode: Information in up to 16 PCs can be displayed at the same time.
This allows you to see the data at hand for each participant. -
Multiple modes of transmission: information in a personal computer can be transmitted to up to eight monitors.
This allows the same information to be shared on each monitor at the same time during the building in the lobby, without the need for complex cabling. (2)
Display the content in the iOS device on the big screen-
After downloading the special application (free)from AppleInc. 's App Store(6)
, Users can display JPEG, PDF, or web content stored in ios devices such as tablets and smartphones on a large screen. 4.
With the scalability and convenience of slot2.
The new interactive display is equipped with slot 2.
0 function slot, well received by professional display users.
When building a system that meets the needs of each customer, the slot has the flexibility to allow the installation of HDMI and DVI terminal boards as well as digital tuner boards (Sold separately). (1)As a flat-
According to the study of toPanasonic, as of May 15, 2012, the panel interactive display. (2)
3rd education IT Solutions Expo (EDIX)
Grand View in Tokyo in May 16-18 (3)
Will be supported in September 2012 (
Maximumwill was three pens before that)(4)
Panasonic Wireless Module (ET-WM200)
Need to sell separately. (5)
According to Panasonic's estimate (6)
The App Store is a trademark of Apple Inc.
Registered in the United StatesS.
And other countries.
Source: JCN Contact: Copyright 2011 JCN Newswire.
All rights reserved. www. japancorp.
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