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by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-28
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Holographic photos you can hold and holographic photos that appear around your home;
Microsoft recently released a series of new technology products running the Windows 10 operating system, and the technology giant kicked off by showing more things the upcoming HoloLens will be able to do through the Xray project.
Nick Fajt of Microsoft says it's a wearable holographic image.
When you combine such technology with an environmental understanding of HoloLens, you can do something very spectacular.
"The first version of HoloLens will be available to developers at $3000 early next year.
Followed by two versions of microsoft, which came out for $250 in a few weeks, with a great improvement over the previous bulky model.
It tracks a variety of metrics, including those you may need at the golf course.
"It knows if I drive and if I practice swing, it counts my practice swing," said Microsoft's Lindsay matters . ".
It's strange that this is a traditional place where you'll find windows instead of holographic photos or wearable devices, but here things start to get a bit confusing.
The Surface Pro 4 is the latest product mainly for tablets, but with the keyboard, it becomes a fully functional laptop.
This is thinner and more powerful than its predecessor, with a digital pen with rubber.
Microsoft has also launched the Surface Book, a removable screen laptop in tablet mode.
This one is about performance and developers are trying directly what they think is the direct competition for it.
"An additional two processors have been added, which fundamentally makes the Surface Book twice faster than the MacBook Pro and twice faster than the MacBook Pro," said Microsoft Panos Panay . ".
The new Surface Pro 4 starts at $900.
The Surface Book starts at $1500.
Both went out later this month.
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