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philadelphia's move toward decriminalizing drug possession: smart or dangerous? - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-27
philadelphia\'s move toward decriminalizing drug possession: smart or dangerous?  -  smart
Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner says the city is moving towards a non-criminal offence with a small amount of drugs on the grounds that the usual medical treatment-not criminal charges-is the right solution.
On Thursday, host Brian Kilmead asked Philadelphia if the plan was implemented and became the first city in the country to implement the policy on the "Fox and Friends" show, is this the right thing to do? Or is this equivalent to a "free pass for controlling equity, too easy for a crime?
"Luke nifters, non.
Profit wise Maria na told Kilmead that he saw more harm than good in the Philadelphia Plan.
"Obviously, we don't want to record people," nivorators said . ".
"But again, with these policies, drug use doesn't seem to be a big deal and sends the wrong message to our country and [younger]generation.
These policies say . . . . . . This is more of a medical problem than a real crime problem.
They missed the point.
"It's not either/or we can have both," nivorators said . ".
"There's a drug court.
We have a medical solution to the problems of treatment and drugs, and at the same time discourage the use of our criminal law.
In a recent interview with HBO's Axios, Krasner said, the transfer of people carrying a small amount of drugs to treatment or community services rather than prisons will ultimately be the most fair and beneficial approach for users and the rest of society.
In 2014, Philadelphia became the first major city in the country to pass a decree allowing people with less than 30 grams (less than an ounce) of marijuana to get tickets for $25.
"We are talking about people who use drugs," said Krasner . ".
"The vast majority of them are drug addicts.
I don't see the value of a conviction like this. ”Michael C.
-Chairman Barnes. for-
Profit centers in the United StatesS.
Policy and Legal Counsel for the White House Office of Drug Policy under President George w. Bush
Bush agrees with Krasner
Click here to get the Fox News app "this is not just a non-criminal, this program will be pre-
"Arrests and transfers of people who are non-violent or mentally healthy or have substance abuse disorders," Barnes said in Fox & Friends . ".
"It means that the police on the street know more about mental illness and substance abuse than anyone else. . .
In their experience, there is discretion to transfer someone to treatment.
This is still the case with crime. . . .
If someone has committed some violent crime as well or does not need treatment.
"We still reserve the right to sue and send the person to the criminal justice system," Barnes said . ".
However, nivorator still does not believe it.
Obviously we should have [treatment]
Program, "said nivorators.
"Concerns on the other side. . .
If we don't stick to it, people think it's not a big deal. . .
It's just a medical issue to pass on a message, and that's not the right thing to do.
We must let the public know [drug use]
Should be discouraged.
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