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philips showcases smart kitchen concepts - smart kitchen table

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-27
philips showcases smart kitchen concepts  -  smart kitchen table
The company worked with Jamie Oliver to develop cookware.
The company expanded its partnership with TV chef Jamie Oliver to develop a programmable application
Automatic Control cooker.
And a series of new TVs and Blu-ray.
Ray players, Philips, showed off some connected family concept gadgets at this year's IFA electronics show in Berlin.
The most important of these is the next HomeCooker, which at first glance looks like a typical slow cooker, but in further inspection it is actually a "smart" appliance, not only can you stir the kitchen independently and put it in it, it can also monitor the temperature and remind the user when adding another component.
But the cooker itself is only part of the system;
Of course, there is also an app that provides recipes with step-by-
A more comprehensive healthy diet and culinary inspiration.
The idea is that using the recipe through the app, the cooker will know exactly what is needed and when, so that once the preparation is completed, the cooking process is over and the machine starts to work, so busy moms or dads have time to play with the kids or just sit down and eat fiveminute break.
When the meal is ready, the cooker can stay warm without burning or drying things inside.
HomeCooker Next is just a concept, but it originated from a real existing product, Jamie Oliver.
It's basically a pot with an autonomous stirring system.
Some may say that such a device is a lazy height, but the same person may never have tried to cook the perfect risotto.
As Jamie Oliver said in defense of the electrical appliance with his name on it: "We all know that it can be difficult to eat fresh homemade food on the table every day, especially for busy parents, they had to take care of so much.
This is usually a real trade.
Between the time spent with the family and preparing fresh food.
Katrin Hansson, consumer marketing director at Philips kitchen appliances, explained why this automation went further, saying: "Many consumers are already looking for new recipes online using their smart devices, so, we are exploring ways to create smart digital kitchen equipment.
We have been working with consumers to discover insights and generate ideas and look forward to using these collaborations
In our collaboration with Jamie Oliver, we have created ideas to determine what the next generation of home kitchens and other kitchen appliances can bring to people and help them live a healthier life.
Philips stressed that the device is very in the prototype phase, so there is no information about the release of a potential time frame.
In addition to the cooker, Philips also shows a smart coffee machine that can customize the Morning Cup based on the recipes modulated by the smartphone app and similar smart air purifiers, it can be controlled through a smartphone and provides real
Information on air quality.
However, unlike the cooker, the smart air purifier has completed the article and will be available in China in 2014.
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