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pinterest: what it is & how to use it - what is a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-01
pinterest: what it is & how to use it  -  what is a smart board
Credit: Pinterest has a new free visual creative tool called Pinterest.
Pinterest is an online visual board that allows users to publish and link to any media on the Internet.
Users range from teenagers, mothers who stay at home, university professors and professional writers.
Pinterest has more than 1.
5 million of users "like" them on Facebook, and more people use the program every day.
Once joined-invitation-
Only the community can collect images and videos and organize them by theme on the virtual inspiration board.
Do you want to collect images of new hairstyles that you would like to try or plan your vacation;
Pinterest can help you a lot.
Each photo is linked to a website where you can give a description of the picture to organize the information.
In addition to posting information on the board, you can also comment, like, and follow other users.
Using search tools can also produce encouraging results.
How to start and join Pinterest start using Pinterest go here (www. pinterest. com)
And request an invitation.
By requesting an invitation, you ask to use the project and join the community.
Most people receive invitations in two to three days.
You will receive an email when you can start interacting on the website.
I joined Pinterest and log in to the website now.
You can log in using Twitter and Facebook, or use the traditional username and password you set when you receive a confirmation email.
You can go to the help section in the upper right corner to read it immediately.
If you're like me, skip reading the help section and find the board section under login name in the top right corner of the page.
Everything happens on your board page.
Credit: pinterest/tiffany rummeryedit my profile on pinterest edit your profile just go to the board section and click Edit Profile under picture or icon.
You can change pictures, linked websites, and information when editing your profile.
You can also delete your entire account from this section.
What is "DingTalk" & How do I do "DingTalk" means posting it on a creative virtual board on Pinterest.
You can put two pre-
Don't be in Pinterest's item or item, you have found your own "item
It "button to your own board.
Credit: pinterest/tiffany Montgomery pin things that have been posted to the feet have been on the front page of Pinterest click on the root logo of Pinterest at the top of the page.
If you see something you like, place your mouse over the image and click on the Repin above.
You can also like and comment a pin from here.
Lock something from another website you found on pinterest to lock what you found independently and you need to install a Pin It button in your browser.
You can go to the about section in the top right corner of the site and click on the section called the Pin It button to show you how to install It with a different browser.
Credit: pinterest/tiffany hommerysearch pin search for something of a specific type in the search section and click on the magnifying glass.
This is in the top left corner of the site.
You can also search for users and topics.
At the top of the web page, there are options to view the pin in categories such as fitness or gifts.
How to create a different board to create a board, you have to decide to nail something.
Once you choose to fix an item, you can create a board or choose which board it is on.
The program prompts you to select a board from where you can organize your pins.
You can also find your boards, pins, or things you like from the top right section of your name, and you can edit them.
This should be enough information for you to start Pinterest and start locking and organizing your favorite recipes, trips and pictures!
Continue to check the follow-up-
An in-depth tutorial on Pinterest later.
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