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planting a garden in your mind - smart kitchen table

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-27
planting a garden in your mind  -  smart kitchen table
The words you use define your mental acuity.
The ideas you think will seed in your mind.
Through positive words and vigorous ideas
You push your thoughts towards the harvest of rich daily life.
Plant these ideas into your mind to update your life, energy, and results.
In the US today, you will notice countless teenagers, college students and employees looking down at their smartphones.
In the bar, when women stare at cyberspace, they illuminate their faces with white light from their mobile phones.
Many people walked into the woods and stuffed earplugs in their heads to eliminate any thoughts about singing Cardinals, jabbing blackbirds or rippling rapids from cascading streams.
They used their thumbs to write messages to others, looked down at his or her phone, and the person waiting to communicate blurted out with truncated text.
They all have a common aspect: they cut off interaction with fellow human beings, friends and communities.
This addiction causes loneliness;
In the end, they create a disconnect from the spirit of life, and finally, loneliness from personal contact.
We humans have reached this turning point in history through tribes, tribes and/or communities.
We raise our children in cultural containers based on human interaction. to-face and eye-to-eye.
In order to make a difference, we need to keep in touch with our surroundings.
We need emotional attachment to others.
To be active in this world, we need to have a sense of belonging.
For parents who are willing to plant vibrant seeds in the garden of their children's hearts, they must put their smartphones on the kitchen table.
Play with the children in the park.
Laugh when pushing higher on the swing, or run down on the slide, or spin on the carousel --go-round.
While hiking in the park or in the forest, take off your shoes and stretch your feet onto the cool grass.
Slide out of your socks and place your feet on hard rocks or in wet sand.
Reconnect your spirit with the vibration of the universe.
Enjoy meaningful conversations with friends while enjoying contact with Mother Earth.
Don't live in the relentless range of smartphones, but face-to-face contact with children, strangers or friends --to-
Face-to-face conversation
If you notice a "seed catalog", the editors will show you the results of the seeds by bouquet.
They invite you to see the results of the plants you plant in the garden.
So is your mind.
If you grow loneliness by indulging in your smartphone, you will reap the cold and lack of personal connection that comes with a face --to-
Face-to-face conversation
You have the decision.
You inject life with your love, empathy and creativity.
You may bring authorized information through personal interaction with others.
So choose the plants in your heart.
Plant happiness in the garden of your heart and express it in your daily connection with others.
The grocery store cashier smiles at the simple compliments of her earrings.
Your neighbor's praise of his beautiful lawn brings a special vibration of happiness.
Celebrate a windy day by flying a kite in a local park and plant happiness in the garden in your mind.
Share your Girl Scout cookies with homeless people around the corner.
Feed ducks at a local pond or volunteer at an animal shelter.
Spread goodwill in your home and community through your words and deeds.
Attend the City Council meeting to propose ideas to improve the city.
Keep in mind that you create a community container for men, women and children to thrive through the flowers you plant in your mind.
When they flourish, your happiness, happiness and good will spread to the four corners of the world.
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