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pocso invoked against teacher - computer writing pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-06
pocso invoked against teacher  -  computer writing pad
Police booked a Telugu pandit in a state.
The school protects children from sexual violations under Santhanuthalapadu, near the village of Chilakapadu (POCSO)
Action was taken after a complaint by a female student on Monday.
The seventh standard student complained to the principal of the school, and the principal complained to S. N. Padu police.
"We have booked a case based on POCSO Act and are investigating the matter", Police Director Ch. Srikant said. S. N.
Padu SI Kisore Babu said the survey showed that Telugu pandit Anjaneyulu asked girls to collect writing boards from the school computer lab.
SI said that when she was frantically looking for a pad that was not there, the teacher was allegedly guilty.
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