police arrest 3 more suspects in menzi primary school robbery case - smart board in school

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-04
police arrest 3 more suspects in menzi primary school robbery case  -  smart board in school
Houden police said three suspects in a robbery at Menzi Primary School were arrested on Friday.
Ekurhuleni East trio task force and detectives also found two smart boards and an unlicensed gun at Orange Farm.
The suspect, aged between 26 and 31, was arrested in Katlehong.
Captain Kay Mark Huber, a haoden police spokesman, said this increased the number of arrests in this case to 10.
The suspect will appear in Palm Ridge security court on Monday. The state-of-the-
The art school was robbed a week after it started in January.
Four suspects of robbery appeared in court on January 29.
The court heard two suspects entering the country illegally.
The case was postponed so that the state could verify the identity of the other two suspects.
The suspect allegedly entered the school early in the morning and tied two security guards and locked them in a solid room at the school.
They allegedly broke the main insurance premium, where they found the keys to the whole school and stole tablets that were charged in the school administration office.
The suspect was traced to a store in Orange Grove where 22 tablets and 3 laptops were found.
"The police urged the community to provide information that would help investigate or arrest suspects in school robbery by calling 08600 10111 or the nearest police station," Makhubele said . ".
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