police reveal what they think common slang words mean in youth language training - white board-ITA

police reveal what they think common slang words mean in 'youth language training' - white board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-23
police reveal what they think common slang words mean in \'youth language training\'  -  white board
Police joked that they were receiving "youth language training" in order to better engage with "R & B Residents ".
Police in Surrey posted a photo of the Police Training Committee, which included translations of common slang such as "beef"
"Ting", "Peng" and "waggwan ".
A spokesman for the unit told Sky News that it was "for fun" and drew on similar moves by Lancashire police.
It appears in a Facebook post from Reigate and the Banstead branch, which reads: "In order to engage with our young R & B residents, we are rolling out" youth "to our officers
PoPoEngagement famalamadingdong.
"There are 12 slang words on the whiteboard, listed under the title" youth language ", next to the translation of the officer.
The words on the list include "beef-
The "ting fam" that the board says means "starting an argument" and "Peng" is considered to be the same as "good/attractive.
Another explanation is that "storm" is not "weather" but "Croydon's rapper ".
Other translations are "tell the truth" of "swear down", "Brothers/colleagues" of "blud" and "Greetings" of "wagwan ".
A commenter on Facebook's post asked, "It's pretty sure wagwan is 'What's happening, '" and the police force replied: "That's true.
But this is a greeting in itself. "Wagwan. . . .
How are you doing today? . . . .
Thank you, I am very happy.
"The other one complained," you forgot to get sick"slang for good.
The police replied: "This was the case last year.
When they meet people who speak to them in slang, they ask if they reply in "Queen English" or in "olde English" and they answer: "one person's rebuttal to your respective suggestion that OK is rather uncertain --
What we do is fam!
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