praise for indias women cricketers after series win - smart board in india-ITATOUCH-img

praise for india's women cricketers after series win - smart board in india

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-30
praise for india\'s women cricketers after series win  -  smart board in india
Experts believe that with the national team winning the series against New Zealand, the popularity of Indian women's cricket will increase.
On Wednesday, India beat the visiting New Zealand team at nine wickets in Bangalore and won five-match series 3-2.
The New Zealand team scored 118 points in 41 games, and the home team easily beat the opponent in 27 games. 2 overs.
Indian board of Cricket Control (BCCI)
The women's group's 21,500 prize was announced after the victory.
BCCI chairman Jagmohan Dalmia said: "Congrats to our captain mitari Raj for leading the team well and for a series of victories against New Zealand
BCCI secretary Anurag Thakur congratulated India team captain Mithali Raj for running 5,000 and expressed optimism about the future. "This five-
The competition ODI series has proved competitive and is a wonderful showcase of women's cricket skills and level.
This is a good sign for the future . "
Cricket is the most popular sport in India, but the women's version of cricket has not attracted much interest.
Although male players enjoy celebrity status and make a lot of money, female players have not received much recognition.
But this victory seems to be a step in the right direction.
"This series of victories against the quality New Zealand team will be a strong shot for the women's team," Snahal Pradan wrote on the smart India website ".
MS Platan said that a few years later, the women's series was also an important development to broadcast live on Indian television.
"With the eyes of the world and the strength of BCCI watching them, it is important for the team to perform a wonderful performance," she wrote . ".
The team's win was also well received on social media.
Most analysts and fans believe that women's cricket needs more encouragement to become popular.
"Through this show, women show BCCI the talent and willingness to win;
"With some wise investment, vision and a lot of effort, the return may be worth it," Pradhan wrote . ".
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