prince william puts on a smart display as he arrives for a meeting at the royal geographical society

prince william puts on a smart display as he arrives for a meeting at the royal geographical society in london to combat illegal wildlife trade - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-12
prince william puts on a smart display as he arrives for a meeting at the royal geographical society in london to combat illegal wildlife trade  -  smart
On Tuesday, Prince William arrived at the Royal Institute of Geography in London for a conference to crack down on illegal wildlife trade and showed his ingenuity.
The 36-year-old Duke of Cambridge, dressed in a smart suit and a red patterned tie, will speak at the first meeting of the wildlife joint task force aimed at combating illegal animal trade.
The project, run by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, consists of seven conservation organizations to unite to prevent trafficking in animals and sell poaching products.
William will conclude the meeting, chaired by former foreign minister Lord Haiya, after a joint wildlife task force member has contributed to the financial and transport sector.
William made a heartfelt speech, saying: "Three years ago, we started with 12 members of the Transportation Department.
Today, there are more than 150 members in the transport and finance sector;
A global transport Working Group;
A financial working group that follows quickly.
Team members trained more than 50 people togetherfive-
Thousands of employees in the industry.
By portraying our information on the plane and helping sports around the world, you raise awareness of wildlife crime.
He said you supported 52 legal investigations, 10 arrests by traffickers, and participated in half of the arrests. a-
Illegal animal products worth millions of dollars
Today is an incredible reminder.
We should all be proud that we are beginning to see the impact.
The scale of what we are dealing with is still deeply worrying.
In the past four months, there have been nine major seizures in south-east Asian countries alone, involving a large number of pangolin, rhino horn and ivory.
Over the years, I have participated in a number of such meetings where we have all discussed the importance of ending the illegal wildlife trade and shared our concerns about the future.
But we must, we must make sure that these words are translated into action.
We must begin to see the people behind this evil crime.
The summit is the first gathering of the two groups, which will focus on the interests of the two groups and share their success.
Since its inception, the task force has supported 52 investigations, assisted in the arrest of 10 human traffickers and provided more than $500,000 in assistance (£384,097)in seizures.
The transport task force, established in 2014, has developed solutions for wildlife trafficking, such as awareness-raising, reporting and law enforcement.
In 2018, the financial task force gathered to share resources and intelligence to prevent illegal income.
In October, Barclays bank HSBC and Royal Bank of Scotland were among 30 global banks and financial institutions supporting the project, the statement does not "deliberately" promote the flow of funds for the trade in poaching of animal products like ivory rhino horn and pangolin.
Illegal wildlife trade is estimated to be worth as much as $23 billion (£18 billion)a year.
The meeting was a meeting of the Joint Task Force on wildlife in the financial and transport sectors.
This will be the first time two groups have gathered together and will explore what more 120 members can do to jointly combat the illegal wildlife trade.
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