privacy czar finds how data collection may affect the next federal election - what is a smart boar

privacy czar finds how data collection may affect the next federal election - what is a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-24
privacy czar finds how data collection may affect the next federal election  -  what is a smart board
Canadians headed to the polling station on October.
21 in 43 federal elections
Toronto Sun editorin-
Director Adrienne Batra. welcome.
Ann Cavoukian, head of privacy at Design Excellence Center, recently wanted to learn how privacy, security, and big data intruders affect elections.
Cavoukian also highlighted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's desire for the big bank to provide Statistics Canada with our personal data, as well as the idea of collecting data through the Toronto smart city.
What are some of the privacy issues that Canadian voters should consider?
"One of the issues that I think they should be concerned about is when the federal Privacy Commissioner said to our Prime Minister, Mr.
Trudeau said political parties should abide by privacy legislation in good faith.
It's been a long time.
Will you bring them over under privacy laws?
What did he say? He said no.
I think it's terrible.
These are some of the things that I think individuals in this country have to care about and raise at the time of elections.
There is no control over the party's use of your data.
"Another story that has grown to 2019 is the federal government and banks asking for our personal data, and many polls show Canadians are angry about it.
What do you think?
"As you might imagine, I was shocked because the vast majority of Canadians opposed Statistics Canada's collection of their most sensitive financial data, which they intend to use for a variety of purposes.
The good news is that banks are saying wow.
We do nothing now.
We won't do it just because you can force us to provide that information.
Finally, Statistics Canada said, "OK, we are putting this issue on hold for the time being . "
Let's discuss it again next year.
Statistics Canada may collect this information when things calm down.
The good news is that a leading bank is working with me to stand up and say no to all of this.
You will not receive their financial information without the customer's notice or consent.
We did not. ’ Stay tuned.
"The concept of smart city is also a new issue, but you recently resigned from the board of directors at Google's Toronto sidewalk lab.
What are they trying to accomplish? Why are you leaving?
"For smart cities, you can't choose to collect information about you because all the technology is 24-7.
The sensor will collect your information all the time so that people do not have the opportunity to agree or object to collecting their personal information.
So I say, to put it bluntly, all the data collected, such as the data collected by the sensor, must be deleted at the source.
Identified and anonymous.
This data can then be used at will, but will not be related to any personal identity.
This is my firm position.
At the last meeting, I noticed that this was not the case and I just felt that I had no choice but to resign.
Because this is the beginning of a smart city in Toronto, there is no other way.
I hope it is a smart city for privacy.
It is not a smart city to monitor like all over the world.
So I am optimistic that I have been working with him on the Waterfront Toronto and they will make laws to all participating partners and say, 'You have to cancel
Identify source data. ’ Full stop.
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