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quarter of children under six have a smartphone, study finds - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-07
quarter of children under six have a smartphone, study finds  -  smart
A survey found that one out of every four children under the age of six had a smartphone.
Although parents insist that 11 years old is the "ideal" age for children to have mobile phones, a survey found that 25 of children aged six and under already have their own mobile phones, nearly half of them spend 21 hours a week on their phones.
More than three quarters of parents paid up to £ 500 for their child's first phone call with two children
People in their thirties admitted that they did not limit their monthly expenses.
Samsung is the most popular "first phone" brand, topping the list than ingappleto.
The researchers also found that eight out of ten parents did not limit their children's time on their mobile phones, while 75 parents did not disable the data function, so their children could only call and text.
"Smartphones have become the most important technology we have, connecting us with friends, keeping us up to date with the world around us, and allowing us to capture the biggest moments, liam Holly of the Conservatory of Music who conducted the study said.
"While most of the parents in our study say 11 years old is the" acceptable "age when the child has his own mobile phone, we see that 25 of the children aged 6 and under have actually been
"Children get younger at the age of getting their first phone, and while many agree that without a clear age to give their child a phone, parents can do a lot to make sure the day of the child --to-
Life of the day is not consumed.
"From limiting their time on the device, to paying close attention to what they download, parents can limit their use through many steps.
In addition to making phone calls and sending messages, 38 children play games using their mobile phones.
They also use smartphones to listen to music, watch videos and use Snapchat.
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