raghubir yadav opens on why blackboard vs whiteboard is a special film for him - times of india -

raghubir yadav opens on why 'blackboard vs whiteboard' is a special film for him - times of india - whiteboard

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-25
raghubir yadav opens on why \'blackboard vs whiteboard\' is a special film for him - times of india  -  whiteboard
Raghubir Yadav's next film, blackboard-to-whiteboard, is based on how modern education has also fallen victim to commercialism and is now considered a business opportunity.
Not only cities, but even small towns and villages are swallowed up by evil evils.
There are some idealistic teachers who, even in critical situations, try to instill jobs that violate education.
However, while the film aims to shed light on how commercialism weakens the education system, there are still educators working to ensure that every child gets the education they deserve.
Speaking about the film's relationship with the times, Yadav said, "Education is the main stepping stone to everyone's life.
Without proper education, it is very difficult to achieve your goals.
However, although the development speed is very fast, the quality education in some areas of China is very lacking.
In addition to this, factors like extreme poverty, and the fact that adults from poor families are not aware of the importance of education and therefore do not want their children to go to school, but rather help generate income.
In addition, many teachers in these areas do not pay attention because they feel that students are not interested, so this becomes a vicious circle of illiteracy.
Sometimes they do realize it, but it's too late by then.
The blackboard conveys the message of education priority to the whiteboard.
Education is the most important thing if you want to achieve something.
If you do not learn, your next generation will not learn, and the cycle of illiteracy and poverty will never end.
Ensuring that literacy is given priority is the shared responsibility of civilians, educators and the government.
Asked about the experience of filming the film, Raghubir said, "the production of the film is an unforgettable experience.
The movies we shoot are real villages, not on the spot to make sure they are as real as possible.
The cast of the film really looks like it belongs to the set.
This story is one of the same kind of story, which conveys a very important message.
Director Tarun Bisht and starring Nupur Shrivastava, Gireesh Tiwary and Ashutosh Ratan Singh blackboard and whiteboard stars Dharmendra Singh Alismita coswami shoksamarth, Akhilendra Pankaj Mishra and Jha.
The film was produced under the banner of milestone creation and Ratan Shree Entertainment and is expected to be released in April 12, 2019.
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