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rags to riches story for indian bookie - smart board in india

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-30
rags to riches story for indian bookie  -  smart board in india
The story of the elusive Indian gaming company Mukesh Kumar Gupta, who became a key figure in cricket
The scandal is a classic. to-
The wealth story is joined by a large number of distorted businesses, networks and financial minds.
More famous is MK, alias John, 48-year-
Accused of bribing the old bookkeeping of several cricketers, began the life of a humble little clerk in a state --
A bank owned in the walled area of Old Delhi
1970, income of approximately 34 per month.
His father now manages AMS, one of the big jewelry stores in the upscale South extension shopping district of New Delhi, and his father is a bad man
Paid staff at a small grocery store
Gupta introduced gambling through a local satta, or digital game, near the office about 1979 when he saw a boatman winning a monthly rouble bet of 2 million rupees.
Satta is organized by the powerful underworld organization of the financial capital of India, Mumbai, with a daily turnover of millions of rupees.
An accidental encounter with a neighbor, who placed a bet on a local cricket match of about 1984 kilometers, gave the restless bank clerk an idea of his obsession.
In less than 8 years, he jumped from a dirty apartment in the narrow walls and alleys to a smart three
A high-end block in southern Delhi, the first floor of the jewelry store-
Frequently upgraded-
And a luxurious life
The style of frequent overseas travel that matches cricket matches.
Azharuddin was banned by the Indian board for life and Iqbal had a responsibility to clear his name, initially MK focused on betting in local competitions, which soon brought him close to Ajay Sharma for a Test for India, but after being accused of participating in the game, who, along with former captain Mohammed Azaruddin, was banned from the game for life by the Indian Cricket Control Boardfixing.
Through Sharma, Gupta is friendly with azaluddin, Manui prabakal and Ajayi jadia and often travels with the Indian team.
Officials from the Central Bureau of Investigation
Fixed to say MK "learned quickly", he became friends with other players through the Indian players, including Martin Croy, Han Si Kroger, Brian Laura and Dean Jones;
He claims to have funded four of the nine cricketers.
Kringer admitted in front of the King that he had received $30,000 from Gupta and lost the Kanpur Test for India in 1996 --
Although he claimed he had no intention of doing so.
Gupta is also reported to have given expensive gifts to overseas cricketers.
"It's easy to make money and the risk is small," it's believed that Gupta has been asked by CBI for nearly 12 hours at three meetings in the past year.
Sources said that Gupta provided CBI and Indian cricket board officials with details of payments to various Indian and overseas cricketers, but declined to repeat the details to Lord Condon at a recent meeting.
At the same time, cricket circles were surprised that Gupta was relatively anonymous, although he was a key player in the game --fixing scandal.
So far, only one Indian magazine has published his picture, although it is a vague one, and despite the fact that journalists and photographers are keeping a vigil outside his home and jewelry store, he is still unable to contact
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