'rape is worse than murder': elizabeth smart recalls ordeal in new book - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-20
\'rape is worse than murder\': elizabeth smart recalls ordeal in new book  -  smart
The kidnapped Elizabeth Smart was raped and tortured by a madman for nine months.
In June 5, 2002, the 14-year-old Smart was robbed of a knife at his home in Utah by Brian David Mitchell and Wanda Bartz.
She's now in a new narrative clarifying her terrible torture.
All books are called "places of hope: Recovery, progress and never give up", published in March 27.
A few hours after being kidnapped, Smart was taken to a rag
Camp in the woods where she was first raped.
"There is no word to describe the humiliation, pain and complete degradation I felt over the next few hours," she wrote . ".
"Rape is worse than murder in my opinion.
After the end, he stood up and walked out of the tent without any shadow of regret. No concern. No remorse.
She said she woke up the first night and found an evil man.
Mitchell's eyes hung over her.
He fixed her with a metal cable.
"He said he did me a favor by eliminating the temptation," now 30. year-old writes.
Smart's kidnappers also used force to stop her crying to potential rescuers looking for missing teenagers.
She recalled that the helicopter flew over where she was imprisoned and Mitchell grabbed her "into the tent"split.
"Once Barzee is also in the tent, he will close the door of the tent and hold me in the Iron wrist," Smart said of Mitchell . ".
In addition to sexual abuse, Mitchell and Balzi also produced smart drinking, she revealed, "so I can control it more easily ".
"But I quickly understood that alcohol would make me forget for the time being that forgetting is my only relief, so I forced myself to drink even though alcohol caused me to vomit and suffer.
Nine months later, the police found her and her two kidnappers outside a grocery store.
She is married now. she has two children. —
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