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regina public library unveils its 'library of the future' - digital drawing tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-13
regina public library unveils its \'library of the future\'  -  digital drawing tablet
This is a long row of the same cushion seats, connected to a sofa like a snake.
Kevin Sanderson gently approached the chair in the middle and pushed back.
With this, the senior manager of corporate services at the Regina Public Library has just converted this line of chairs into two smaller clusters where members can see and chat with each other.
"The main purpose of our design is flexibility," said Saunderson, who led a tour of the library's reconstructed Boswell campus --
Promoted as a library of the future"
Just before it reopened on Wednesday.
"While we can imagine how we will use it in the next five years or so, it's hard to imagine how it will be used in 10 years.
We can't renovate every five or ten years, so we have to make it as flexible as possible so we can reconfigure the space in the short term, but in the long run.
"That's why so much furniture on the branches is on the wheels and they can move if needed.
Along the main entrance of the Southwest Corridor of the South Country Mall, there is a living room-
Stylish lounge with padded "husband Chair", coin-
Self-service coffee machine operation
Checkout terminals, books and magazines, and even a laptop rental kiosk that is only available at the branch. (
There are other security measures that are not specified. )
Nearby is a "creative cube" with glass walls and concrete floors for whatever customers or small groups want to do: create art, create a space or anything "creative, said Sanderson. The teen hang-
Out section has PS4 VR headsets and a huge Apple TV display that users can watch from the iphone.
There are children in the area of young children-
Chair and table size plus low
Special window and window seating
An interactive table, a 60-
Inch digital tablet.
Two programming rooms can be sealed from the main library, and community groups can be accessed after normal branch times.
"This is one of the things we're focusing on here --
This is the space for an organization . "
But the core of the library is still there.
The number of books is the same as before, only in less timecramped areas.
Comfortable working lounge around "stack" with desktop desk and power/USB socket-
There are more products such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops around the outer wall of the branch.
Lighting is illuminated by led compared to fluorescent bulbs used traditionally.
Even the bathroom is worth mentioning.
There's tradition, and there's two gender.
For disabled scooters, the neutral is large enough and the weight is large
Elevator on duty for customers in need of help.
Darryl Lucke, chairman of the board of directors of RPL, said that the renovation project with a budget of $3 million was "under budget", two months ahead of schedule.
The use area is 17,000 square feet, an increase of 4,000 over the previous.
This summer, the Albert division of RPL will move to Jeff Barber, director of the library. He noted that the update to the Boswell division was the first acceptable donation and tax bill built with the help of the new RPL charity
Show "what we can do with additional community support.
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