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Visiting the Holocaust memorial is always an overwhelming emotional experience, leaving a mark on people.
In search of different museums to choose the way to commemorate the Holocaust atrocities and the courage of their survivors, we have encountered a variety of commemorative activities.
Types of memorial sites range from small exhibitions placed by relatives of survivors in remote areas of the periphery to large Wells
Well-known institutions such as Beth Hatefutsoth in Tel Aviv or Yad Vashem in Jerusalem have become the world
The famous research and exhibition center.
Beth Hatefutsoth (
Graphic: Shaoul Goran)
Despite the lack of funds and resources, the scale does not matter. The most prominent museum seems to be a small museum, which has invested a lot of effort, because they are designed by people who wish to honor their nearby loved ones, old friends in the town, the synagogue or people who share the tragedy of the slums and concentration camps with them.
Some museums focus on specific communities destroyed in the Holocaust, while others display larger images by showing the art of slums.
Some museums emphasize the perpetuation of the memory of resistance and courage, while others emphasize the historical aspect and the connection with the Jewish diaspora.
Different websites can provide different displays. on websites with less budget problems, people may find photos and documents mainly victims.
However, the larger museum has become an international center for information and research, as well as an interactive museum, by cutting-
Modern technologies such as video and computer.
In any case, visits to such a place will leave a deep impression on people's memory.
The funds for these museums are mainly from donations and symbolic tickets, which in part contribute to the maintenance of these facilities.
Many workers in these institutions work as volunteers out of a sense of divine mission.
Part of the entrance to the museum is free, but the tour guide will be paid symbolically.
Museums that charge entrance fees are usually between 15 NISNIS 40 (about $4 -$10)per visitor.
In any case, it is best to call to check what kind of activities the website offers before and after the Holocaust anniversary, especially before and after arrival.
The museum was founded in 1986 and opened to the public in Safed in 1990.
The museum is based on a non-
The profit association, with 30 founding members, was run from the very beginning by two of its founders: HAVA and Yousef lucig.
The museum depicts the glorious past of the Jewish communities of Hungary, transivania, Slovakia, and kabbayian
It reflects their contribution to Jewish history and world culture.
The museum displays books, documents, certificates, diaries and photos of thousands of Jewish communities murdered in the Holocaust.
JewryKikar Haazmaut Memorial Museum in Hungarian, Safed, 13111, IsraelTel/Fax: 972-4-6923880, +972-4-
6925881 hours of business: Sun-Fri: 9:00-
To be taken: the month charges a large dose of Yitzhak Katzenelson Massacre Museum, the collective farm Lohamey HagetaotThe Museum was founded in 1949 by survivors of the Holocaust, members of the Jewish resistance organization of Polish Jews and former guerrilla units.
The museum exhibits a variety of exhibitions on resistance, including maps of ghettos and concentration camps.
The museum is an important source of research and research on the topics of Holocaust and resistance.
The museum also uses exhibitions, books, movies, lectures and seminars to illustrate the terrible fate of Jews in the Holocaust.
Recently, the museum has added a new feature, an archive that links past and present visitors to use. Tel: +972-4-
9958080 hours of business: Sun-Thu: 9:00-
Friday 16: 00: 9: 00-
Sat: 10: 00-
The 17: 00 entrance fee requires the legal immigration detection Camp, which AtlitThe Expo depicts the Camp built by the British in 1938 for Jews who came illegally to Palestine.
The camp tour truly depicts the tragic story of being forced to become a survivor of immigration and the fight for human rights.
The museum has a computerized information center that allows visitors to identify their loved ones who have lived in the Holocaust and take boats to Israel.
Business Hours: Sun-Thu: 9:00-
Friday 17: 00 and holiday eve: 9: 00-
Admission fee at 13: 00 for legal immigration detention center in Atelier (
Photo: Elad Gershgorn)
In the collective farm of Givat Chaym IchudBeit telisi Enshi Tater (Or Bert Terezin)
It was set up to commemorate the Jews who lost their lives in Nazi persecution.
The corner stone was laid on 1969 and officially opened on 1975.
The museum displays the works of artists from the Terezin slum and uses computerized archives to provide detailed information about every Jewish prisoner held in the slum, and a large collection of pictures of prisoner's works.
The museum also provides a collection of original certificates, documentaries and oral testimony of survivors. Tel: ++972-4-
6369515 hours of business: Sun-Thu: 9:00-
Groups are required to pay a 13: 00 entrance fee.
Personal free access to Sdot-chargeHana Senesh House
YamHana Senesh, a famous skydiving player during World War II, parachuted into Yugoslavia during World War II to help save Hungarian Jews. They will be deported to the Auschwitz concentration camp in Germany.
Senesh was arrested on the Hungarian border, imprisoned and tortured, but refused to give details of her mission and was eventually tried and executed by the firing squad.
The fair tells the story of her life to the visitors.
Business Hours: Sun-Thu: 10:00-
16: 00 entrance fee kiredmassuah Museum, Kibbutz Tel ItzhakThe Museum consists of six permanent exhibitions that combine progressive educational methods with the stateof-the-
Interactive technology of art
In addition to the historical facts about the Holocaust, these exhibitions provide different perspectives on what is happening, so that visitors are exposed to the problems of the Holocaust period related to their lives and identities today and
Exhibition space of History Museum
The Museum of Education is also a learning center. Tel: ++972-9-
8999563 hours of business: Sun-Thu: 9:00-
The tour guide needs a 13: 00 entrance fee.
Free entry poster for individuals at Massuah Museum (
Photo: AFC razier)
The memorial service for martyrs and heroes of the Holocaust in Jerusalem was established in 1953.
Since its inception, Yad Vashem has been responsible for documenting the history of Jews during the Holocaust, preserving the memories and stories of each of the 6 million victims, and through its archives, libraries, schools and museums, the legacy of the Holocaust is taught to future generations.
Yad Vashem has many places to visit, including the name Hall, the Memorial Hall and the Children's Memorial Hall.
Hzikaron, JerusalemTel: 972-2-
Group reservation phone number: 972-6443400Tel2-
6443802 hours of business: Sun-Wed: 9:00-Thu: 9: 00-
20: 00 on Friday and holiday eve: 9: 00-
Month: The entrance to the Hall of chargeYad Vashem is free (
Photo: Bar ArdonHama)
The Museum of the Jerusalem Holocaust memorial was held at Mt in Jerusalem on 1948. Zion.
It contains memorial plaques from hundreds of Jewish communities that were destroyed in the Holocaust, with different geographical areas separated by different rooms.
The site is affiliated to the Hariri community and therefore lacks a Zionist component.
The Zionist movement and the state of Israel were not mentioned at any exhibition. Mt. ZionTel: ++972-2-
67151105 hours of business: Sun-Thu: 9:00-
Friday 15: 45: 8: 00-
13: 00 tickets for Jewish expat Nahum Goldmann Museum-
Beth HatefutsothThe Museum aims to convey the story of Jews who have been expelled from Israeli land 2,500 years ago to the present.
It tells the unique story of Jewish continuity through exhibitions, education and cultural activities, providing a variety of ways for personal historical identity.
The opening of a new exhibition in Beth Hatefutsoth this year is called "dreaming in English"
Portrait of the Jewish community in Melbourne, 1989-
2006/Angela rinkushka's photo "Nahum Goldmann Museum of Jewish diaspora at Tel Aviv University"O. B.
Tel Aviv 61392Te/Fax: 972-39359Tel Aviv3-6408000/++972-3-
6405727 hours of business: Sun-Thu: 10:00-
Wednesday 16: 00: 10: 00-
The 18: 00 entrance fee requires the Mordecai Museum, the Kibbutz Yad Mordecai Museum, which was established in 1965 to commemorate the Warsaw slum commander, Mordecai agnellivitz.
The museum was built near a military cemetery to commemorate the Jewish people's two most important things in modern times: The Holocaust and the establishment of the state of Israel.
The museum is dedicated to European Jews from pre-massacre to immigration and settlement.
The exhibition includes information on the economic, cultural, artistic and educational history of European Jews, Jewish people under Nazi occupation, Jewish communities and resistance movements.
The museum has a computerized Memorial station where people can get information about all fighters from Yad Mordechai. Tel: ++972-8-6720559, ++972-52-
Sun-3923107 opening hoursThu: 10:00-
Friday 15: 00: 10: 00-
Sat: 11: 00-
14 entry fee is required.
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