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reserve students voice needs to premier - smart board in school

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-07
reserve students voice needs to premier  -  smart board in school
Hey, time traveler!
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Corey country-Fisher River
So why is Prime Minister Manitoba sitting in a sixth-grade classroom of a fully federal reserve school?
Greg Selinger is learning.
"The idea is to reach out and see what the kids think, and what the parents and elders think.
We want to hear from the children and see what they need to succeed --
They are all Manitobans, "Selinger told the 12 th grade Charles Sinclair School Friday at the kindergarten of 430 Charles Sinclair students, about 200 kilometers northwest of Winnipeg.
This is Selinger's third time this week to bring the Ministry of Education staff, mainly after Aboriginal
Secondary leaders and businessmen of indigenous schools that do not assume financial responsibility in the province.
"Listening to the students is a novel idea," Selinger said . ".
Annette Temby, president of the University of Winnipeg, listened to the children's speech on Friday afternoon with a positive smile on her face --
She hopes to meet some people on campus in a year or two.
"All the children who spoke gave me a lot of inspiration," she said . ".
"No matter where I go, there is a person who blows me away.
"In the Fisher River, there is a student, Matthew Hall, who is a Grade 12 student, he spoke warmly with Temby and Deputy Minister of Education, Gerald Faxin, about the need for more support and more challenging courses for teachers, as well as the urgent needs of the local section --
The First Nation students of extra-curricular activities are eager to attract them, reduce school drop-outs and help them succeed. "More culture —
"Everything about culture is fine," Hall said . ".
"He talks about the next generation as an old man," Trimbee laughed . ".
Selinger told Daven Dumas, director of education at Fisher River that he was impressed by the school attendance and graduation rates, both of which far exceeded 90.
Physically speaking, southern tourists showed the hall a bag full of basketball and football at a rally, which pleased the school.
Selinger also met with David crate, chief of the Fisher River Kerry clan, and his band board to discuss the possibility of a cooperation agreement between Fisher River and the Border School Department, which means
Student funding from the federal government will increase by more than $4,000.
This will be similar to the partnership between Waywayseecappo First Nations and Birtle
The Prime Minister explained that Divison, headquartered at Park West School-
Waywayseecappo still runs its own school within Park West while sharing and receiving with Park West, Ottawa funding schools at a higher price
The level of public schools for students, not according to the federal formula.
"There is real interest in this.
"There are good possibilities for partnership," Selinger said . ".
In the three schools he visited, including Southeast and hollow water, Selinger said, "there is a lot more interest in mathematics and science than people think. After-
The activities of the school keep the students interested.
Dumas said that the Fisher River has greatly promoted the post
Admission to secondary education, and more importantly, through an academic and social transformation program that works with Grade 12 students to keep students from universities and colleges in the South, then take them to U on W campus later in the school year.
Trimbee is sitting in the library and, despite knowing that older family members are out of school, there are still three girls who are determined to go to college and she is leaning against the table, holding her chin in her hand and asking some practical questions, these questions may be the difference between success and going home early: "Who would you live with if you were going to college? " she asked.
A girl has an aunt in Winnipeg, another girl has a brother in the United States
"So you have expert advice for you? Asked Temby.
History teacher Edward Cochrane told Selinger that the 11 th grade provincial history course in Canada and its emphasis on Aborigines was excellent. "I love it —
"There's a lot of Aboriginal content in it," Cochrane said.
Melody Dumas, a Cree language teacher, lamented that only qualified staff at Charles Sinclair School taught Cree until the fourth grade.
She demonstrated BYKI with a smart board-
Before you knew it.
Local schools are developing and sharing projects.
The Smart board shows the English words and their Cree counterparts and pronounces them in Cree.
"I can use this. . .
"For the French," Selinger laughed.
Devin Dumas said
The success of Middle School also means helping students in grade 12 realize that they are not ready to deal with the university and then take the next step with them.
Teacher Raylene Cochrane spent seven weeks at U, W, watching the transition project, mature young people: "Over time, you can see the people they grow into themselves. "nick.
Martin @ freepressmb.
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