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return of the slate | chennai news - times of india - interactive whiteboard technology

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-24
return of the slate | chennai news - times of india  -  interactive whiteboard technology
How often have you seen your child bend over like a question mark under the weight of a heavy bag?
There are opportunities every day.
A few decades ago, primary school students only carried a book --
The size of the school's slate and chalk.
Millions of children and their parents dream of returning to the past, which may not be too far away.
The slabs are all ready to make a comeback in the form of a tablet, replacing chalk with a stylus.
Textbooks and laptops are sometimes half the weight of a child and they will soon be put into a few hundred grams of tablets.
Although less than a decade ago, there was only one personal computer for every 50 students in the school, the development of cheap technology may soon give every child a tablet.
The world's cheapest tablet, Aakash and interactive education tablet class, have entered a lucrative technology field --
Enable the interactive education section.
Although they differ in many ways, their focus is on making education easy, engaging and interactive.
"I bought a tablet for my daughter in Class 1 for £ 25,000.
She likes to learn courses through interactive apps, "tech-
A savvy parent, Rajaraman.
"It's a good idea to use tablets for education.
While not all parents can afford new technology, they will welcome the shift in textbooks.
But since prices may fall, every student should be able to have a tablet in a few years.
"Class s3is a personalized educational tablet developed by private player class acher learning system for middle and high school students.
The company has established contacts with 14 schools in Delhi, Baroda, Bangalore and Nagpur and will supply the product to these schools.
Rohit Pande, an alumnus of IIT and IIM who developed the course, said he is now in talks with Chennai
Headquartered in the school of Anna Adash and Ms. Andal vencatsouba Rao, they are provided with tablets from his company.
He believes that schools that have adapted to the classroom environment can abolish textbooks by 2013 --14.
"Our main focus is not on selling h a rdw a re (Tablet)
But we're promoting our app, "said Pande.
Classacher Learning has developed six featured applications-
Screen Sharing for tablet, iMath app, adaptive evaluation engine, resource sharing and interactive whiteboard compatibility, teacher control.
The company already has a cloud network, iPerform, which stores more than 80,000 classes for middle and high school children.
Half of them are now available on class.
Students who miss some lectures in class or learn slowly can use the technology to catch up.
Although computers and tablets can reduce the heavy schoolbags of children (
Students carry over 10 kilograms of text and notebooks on average)
The teacher said that handwriting was hit.
The principal of a leading school in Chennai, who agreed that the student's handwriting skills were deteriorating, said, "the use of tablets could lead to a decline in handwriting.
Since we have a standard fee structure, we are not ready to change either.
However, she says some CBSE schools may be interested in getting into tablets.
Near Class-
The term challenge is pricing.
Pande admits that it is difficult to provide interactive tablets with high-quality hardware for less than 10,000 of the price.
But Aakash, a government-subsidized tablet that has been offered to students for £ 1,500, has won the market's imagination at its lowest price.
However, due to the current configuration of the tablet, many applications cannot be used on Aakash.
Some technological innovations are revolutionary, while others are versatile.
This is the case with a tablet because of the speed of change it brings and the wide range of applications it offers.
This tablet is a more obvious winner than many other electronics that have invaded our lives this century, and is also its affordability.
A streamlined version of a tablet for school students costs less than a year for text and laptops, and can store 10 years of classes.
But there are still not many schools in India keen to replace the burden of schoolbags with modern schoolbagsday slate.
While the reasons cited are the lack of training for teachers and the availability of quality electricity, there may be other obstacles.
It's like the fact that many private schools may not be able to make profits by selling textbooks if tablets take over.
But such schools cannot resist the change for a long time.
In the long run, those who accept good technology will benefit.
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