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review: apple ipad - graphic tablet for pc

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-29
review: apple ipad  -  graphic tablet for pc
Since Microsoft announced its tablet concept in 2001, people have been thinking about Apple's views on the new product category.
At 3rd in April, the iPad was finally released, and it has proven to be a game changer, selling 500,000 units in the first week
More than once a minute
Although Apple is currently only selling in the United States, quite a few of them are entering the eager foreigners who have friends and relationships in the United States and are willing to give one to them.
We think we'll take a look at it now, as the official release of the device in New Zealand is still pending and see what the fuss is --
It's worth getting customs officials to get Apple's latest gadget.
The IPad is completely correct in many ways compared to the large iPod touch.
After all, the same system supplies power to both devices.
While it doesn't simply double its size to fit into a larger screen, it offers many of its own unique new features, which, obviously, is closer to a large iPhone, this is probably the genius of Apple, not a small Mac.
Stuffing the desktop system into a small tablet shape is a disaster for Microsoft: although its tablet version has been on the market for nearly a decade, it is just a good product, difficult to use the control device, poor performance.
But Apple has taken the exact opposite route: it already has a system that can run very well with very little power, apparently, it's much easier to extend the system to create a tablet that is extremely responsive --sized computer.
But unlike tablets or netbooks, the iPad is not designed for itself.
Included computer: the first time you turn it on, you will see a picture asking you to connect it to iTunes.
It won't work until you sync the iPad to your home computer last time.
After that, you no longer have to sync because you can send files back and forth, or download new programs from the App Store, or download new music, movies and TV shows on the iTunes Store.
If you receive the iPad before it is released in New Zealand, the app store will not be able to get it from it, but you can get all the programs you need on your computer through iTunes, so sync is critical at least before it officially reaches these shores.
Note that the iPad needs more power than the iPhone, and your computer's USB port may not be strong enough to charge it while syncing.
This can only be done with the latest computers, and even those computers will charge very slowly.
Using a bundled wall charger for this purpose is much more efficient.
So how does the iPad work?
You'll feel at home if you're used to the iPhone or iPod touch, but you'll also appreciate all the new improvements.
First of all, there is no right or wrong way to save it: no matter which direction you choose, the interface will be re-created even if it is reversed with the Home button at the top
Let everything go in the right direction.
This means that no matter how you pick it up, you can start working right away.
Great for left too
If they choose, it's easy to put the Home button on the left hand.
This constant
Orientation can also be a problem, especially when the iPad is at a certain angle.
In these cases, there is a switch right above the volume control that you can switch to lock the display in the current direction.
The IPad comes with a series of default programs that are very similar to those on the iPhone, such as maps, contacts, and calendars.
However, they have been completely redesigned to take advantage of the larger screen, which looks beautiful and features very well.
So is the YouTube app.
On the iPhone, the focus of the show is on the video itself.
Here, click the resize button (
Lower right corner of video)
You'll see a look very similar to the actual YouTube page, with suggestions on the right and a description of what you're looking at the bottom.
The video show is very elegant: not only can you see the poster artwork for the film as expected, but you can also read the outline and look at the cast and crew list --
All information can be found on iTunes but not on iPod touch.
The IPod app is where you listen to music.
In fact, it looks a lot like iTunes, but it's the most disappointing of all the bundled programs.
The feeling is not complete: for example, there is no cover View and the screen is taken over by its artwork when you play a song. . .
Nothing else.
There is so much space to play with and so much attention to other programs, it looks like Apple has dropped the ball on this program.
Still, Apple will release a free major revision of the system around October, which may give Apple a chance to solve the problem.
They did a good job in architecture.
However, in mono speakers: the audio is clear and loud despite the unit size, and there is no problem hearing your music or movie --
Even in a big room.
Other items such as weather and stocks were clearly absent.
But the worst omission is that there is no clock.
You can't set an alarm without it, which is a major oversight.
Of course, you can get similar programs from the App Store, but Apple's own main advantage is that it runs in the background and no one else has it, which means, unless it's running-chew your battery all night --
It won't wake you up.
When it comes to the App Store, there are already thousands of apps available for the iPad.
Many are upgraded versions of existing iPhone programs, and if you already have them, check how they work on your iPad before you fork out for a larger, more expensive version: you can easily double the size of your iPhone program, and most of the time you'll find that's enough.
Only HD app stores designed specifically for iPad are redesigned
Designed to take advantage of the larger screen, it is worth a closer look.
Although everyone is paying attention to consumer media, you may think that the iPad is not ideal for content creation, but this is not the same as the fact.
On the one hand, Apple released an optimized copy of the iWork productivity suite.
You can use pages to write letters, numbers to create spreadsheets and themes for your design presentation.
These programs are compatible with Word, Excel and PowerPoint and work very well.
The only downside is that they are currently only available through the US AppStore, which means you need a US iTunes account to get them.
Another project you need for an American account is Apple's own ebook reader, iBooks.
They successfully copied the experience of reading books, but in digital form.
The attention to detail is amazing: when you turn the page, you can even see the print on the other side of the page.
Don't think it's just another way for Apple to catch some of your difficulties
Earned money: they also got thousands of books from the Gutenberg Project (
This is to protect copyright books in digital form)
These are absolutely free.
As long as your own format is ePub, you can even add it via iTunes.
As for typing on the keyboard, I was very impressed.
In terms of landscape positioning, I was able to touch-type easily.
While I don't have the speed on a traditional keyboard, I suspect it's just due to the lack of practice.
Typing on glass has achieved amazing success.
It doesn't work very well vertically because the keyboard is more crowded, but it's too big to type comfortably with two thumbs like the iPod touch.
Therefore, the iPad is a very responsive machine, good at media consumption, and a very skilled creative tool . . . . . . But is it for you?
This is the most important issue, depending on what you do with your current computer.
If it's online (
Except for Flash content, Apple does not support it in the iPhone operating system running on the iPad-
But since Flash games like Farmville don't support touch
Based on the interface, but relying entirely on the keyboard and mouse, these programs will not work anyway)
Write emails and a few letters, listen to music and you'll find the iPad perfect for your needs: it wakes up in an instant, it's amazing, responsive, you don't have to wait for the interface to keep up with your commands, everything feels smooth and natural, much lighter than a laptop.
It's heavier than expected, and holding it in one hand will get tired for a long time --
The answer is to put it on your forearm like a clipboard.
The IPad is a computer that takes into account the general population, people who don't care what makes it tick, and where or when to save files, people who want computers to work can focus on what they need to do instead of patching the computers.
If this sounds like you, then you should definitely take the iPad seriously.
Let's hope that Apple will release it from the US soon . . . . . . $499 Apple iPad WiFi (16GB)-$699 (64GB)
Steve Parris has more than 25 years of experience in computers.
He is a freelance writer and also an Apple certified trainer and provides consulting, training and trouble shooting services for the weitake areamaclore. net.
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