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review: 'dark phoenix' isn't the revival the 'x-men' series needed - draw on screen

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-30
review: \'dark phoenix\' isn\'t the revival the \'x-men\' series needed  -  draw on screen
Talented British actress Sophie Turner has previously worked with fire.
To be exact, in her career, ice and fire --
Play Sansha Stark in Game of Thrones.
"This fair beloved series may not come to the conclusion of everyone (
Even anyone's)
Satisfied, but Turner is fine.
Grain transformation is one of its more convincing victories.
Her Sansa started the show as a naive, fragile teenager and ended the show as a steel post, leader and tactician at her immeasurable peak.
I can't help but recall it all in the crazy psychological drama of the Dark Phoenix, where Turner goes through another dramatic twist in a completely different situation, if it's also fantasy
If she is better than the Game of Thrones ultimately gives her, she should get a better return here.
Created and directed by Simon Ginberg, this is 2016 X-
"Man: Revelation" is like a weary sigh of a series of blockbusters that are getting less and less rudder.
This is a shame, especially since the script happens to draw on one of the most memorable plots in Marvel's comic chronicles.
The story, originally published between 1976 and 1980, tells the adventures of Amber's Jean Grey.
Hair mutation, with extraordinary remote power, is owned by powerful, malicious, all-powerful peoplePower consumption. (
It sounds like a very prescient metaphor for Disney's recent merger with Fox, whose old studio logo appears at the beginning of the film, like a sad, quick --to-be-retired beacon. )
The title of the Phoenix legend has been adapted several times: it is almost adapted
Eventually animated TV series by 1990 s Fox and then by director Brett Ratner at 2006 "X-
Male: last stop, Ginberg cooperatedwrote.
Despite the flaws of Phoenix, his recent attempt to bring Phoenix to the screen was almost interesting.
In all the clumsy lines, the derivative plot has changed, the production value is surprisingly indifferent, and you can feel that the film is pursuing something more sensitive and intimate than the usual blockbuster blowout
On 1975, it opened in the tone of Carrie: Amber --
A young girl named JeanSummer Fontana)
She could read other people's thoughts and move objects with her own brain, causing a terrible accident that left her orphaned and scarred.
She was placed in the foster home of Professor Charles Xavier (James McAvoy)
She encouraged her to learn to control her power and use them for the benefit of all mankind. Flash-
Forwarded To Jean on 1992 (now Turner)
Famous as Professor X-Men.
Her cult boyfriend Scott/Cyclops also joined her (Tye Sheridan)—
She's the source of his energy. shooting eye —
And the deformed Crow (
Jennifer Lawrence)
And Hank of the book (Nicholas Hoult)
Occasionally, it will return to its own blue.
Mysterious and the skin incarnation of the beast.
Thanks to Charles's expert public, the popularity of the mutant is soaring.
The latest in the relationship effort is a dangerous X-
The mission is to rescue astronauts from deadly sunspots.
In space, time.
Slow Silver (Evan Peters)
And The Night Walker (Kodi Smit-McPhee)
Some visual dexterity
Stunt effect of hand
But the final price was for Jean, who came into contact with the torch, absorbed the energy of the torch, and survived desperate.
Maybe she shouldn't.
What she brought back to Earth was an extraordinary concentration of cosmic energy, which she could barely control, which could be a long-term reaction to her --
Especially in turbulent and destructive ways, the memory of childhood is buried.
Like several recent films and television shows, The Dark Phoenix celebrates both the sight of women's power and the power of women --
Still able to send a shock wave once or twice through the male spectacle
Large dominant landscape
Film production.
What happens when an already strong young woman suddenly has the ability to wipe out her enemies?
If she, like many action and fantasy characters, is a survivor of past trauma, will this affect her ability to exercise her power responsibly?
The recent "Captain Marvel" answered this question with one thing --of-
In fact, she will use this power, naturally, to deal with her demons and continue to kick some serious star ass.
To the chagrin of many, Game of Thrones provides a more backward response, though sadly, the marginalized Sansa is still what a brave, powerful, counter-example-ruling compassionate woman might look like.
The Dark Phoenix basically separates the two, although it proves that there are fewer works than both.
It urges you to be both fearful and fearful of Jean, whose split mind is literature by the hot cracks that open on her face (a nice touch)
Every time Phoenix starts to stir in her body.
Ghostly Ginberg Rad
Cheesy flashback and Mrs. McWhite's reference, he gave many arrogant, presumptuous and violent people to dodge on the road.
Including Charles's old metal.
Curved Star Magnetic (
Michael farbender)
Charles himself, his kindness and idealism have proved to cover up the ruthless manipulation of the self
Reinforced stripes.
"Women are always saving men here;
You might want to change your name to X-
"Woman," growled the Crow, a group of people --
It aims to show the delightful lines of the film's feminist sincerity.
But even Turner, with her radiant screen and her ability to make it look hard to distinguish between strength and vulnerability, ultimately fails to save the "Dark Phoenix" from her own imaginary failures ".
When I said this, I was talking about this for a long time.
Operating a franchise, especially after Phoenix.
Like X-
Male: First Class "(2011)and "X-
Male: the past days in the future "(2014).
With the story of their powerful mutant joining forces to save humanity, "X-
Obviously looking forward to the male movie
In my opinion, often more-
Detailed group dynamics of the Avengers franchise.
Their best action scene has always been a dazzling team-work performance, reminding us that real cooperation requires a harmonious interaction between storm lightning and Wolverine claws, and victory is often a matter of skill, not a brute force.
In the Dark Phoenix, you can feel that Ginberg is trying to summon the same skill to achieve a disappointing goal.
He did complete a sequence of transfer actions and boarded a quick
The moving train and the pleasant exaggerated scores of Hans Zimmer.
Unfortunately, he also tried to explain the mystery of the Phoenix with a dead man --on-
The sub-plot of arrival involves a group of alien body snatchers whose leader was played by a listless Jessica Chastan. Her heavy-
It may be to suggest an extraordinary look, just to raise a mirror for the audience's boredom. ------------Rated: PG-
13, for the intense sequence of sci-
Fi violence and action, including some gunfights, disturbing images and short strong language movement timechang@latimes.
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