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review of the scribble app: turn your iphone into a drawing pad - drawing pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-10
review of the scribble app: turn your iphone into a drawing pad  -  drawing pad
You can call it your own art, and the personalisation that happens through the Internet has inspired the public to give up their reliance on art and media experts, and now they are doing the same themselves.
With this, there is a growing interest in artistic efforts on various platforms, from more traditional pad and paper to our smartphones.
The new iPhone app called Scribble is a sign of this growing demand.
Creating a DrawingsScribble is a simple program that allows you to draw with a touch screen.
When you open the program, you get a blank space where you can draw with your fingers and leave a colored stripe where you press and move.
You can make changes between color rainbows, size differences, and try to customize your image creation as much as possible.
On top of that, you can import the photos you took on the photo roll, or put your phone on your computer and then paint on those images.
From here you can save the picture you created or modified to your camera roll in case you want to use it somewhere later or use it in some type of distribution
You can then try to share with people through online communities or publications.
This is a basic app that will allow for a simple drawing feature but not much else.
On top of that, you will also receive some paid promotional ads, but you will have to press a specific promotion tag to raise the issue.
In this way, it's not as distracting or intrusive as many other programs that are an excuse to bring a business atmosphere to your phone.
This app is free, so the risk of you trying it is small, but there are very few here and it is difficult to consider if it is worth using.
Because you hardly have enough functionality to create an image that you want to continue to exist when there is no need to spend too much time on the app.
Instead, you may want to find a more complete package even if you have to pay.
Five out of ten stars
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