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review: samsung tablet takes aim at ipad with pen - drawing tablet for pc

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-14
review: samsung tablet takes aim at ipad with pen  -  drawing tablet for pc
NEW YORK (AP)—The tablet-
The computer market is like a guerrilla war. One huge army —Apple —
Dominant in the land, a group of insurgents are constantly raiding and investigating, hoping to find some loopholes that can be exploited.
Samsung's new Galaxy Note 10.
The rebels had a small victory.
It's a tablet that does what the iPad doesn't do and does a great job.
However, the victory will not win the war.
Available in the United StatesS.
Starting Thursday, the $499 tablet comes with a pen or, more accurately, a stylus.
It doesn't leave traces on paper, but the screen of the tablet will react to it.
I found it a pleasure to use it: it is accurate, responsive, and easy to slide on the screen.
There are some fashion products on the IPad, but not very good.
The screen of the IPad does not feel sharp objects, so any stylus must be quite blunt.
Many of them have rubber suction heads that don't get dragged through the screen.
There is an extra layer on the screen of the Galaxy Note to feel the special, sharp
Indicate the pen by magnetic.
Note is not the first iPad competitor to use a stylus.
HTC Flyer introduced the same feature last year, but several turnovers limited its appeal.
First of all, it is half the size of the iPad, but the price is only half the price of the iPad, and there is no pen.
Second, there is no pen slot in the body of the tablet and it is easy to lose.
The pen is also very expensive and will cost $80 to replace.
Samsung built a pen.
The sensitivity of the first smartphone Galaxy Note launched earlier this year. Though well-
Received, the tablet has a strange size, there is a 5-inch screen.
This makes it very large for smartphones and very small for tablets.
Galaxy Note 10.
Samsung is pushing the pen directly into the iPad space.
So what can you do with this pen?
Samsung's offensive began to stumble here.
The pen is not so useful because the stylus-
The tablet is very new.
You can take notes or edit photos in the version that comes with Photoshop.
You can scribble personal notes to people and email them.
Instead of using on-
On-screen keyboard, you can use hand-written, let the tablet explain it.
You can even enter the URL like this.
Handwriting is slower than typing, and the interpretation of the tablet introduces errors, so it's not clear why you use it a lot.
The stylus can feel the strength you press on the screen.
Samsung's Note app responds by making your lines thinner or thicker, which is a basic feature for anyone who wants to use a tablet for serious painting.
The pen also comes with a side button, which works very similar to the left mouse button, with little effort to access additional features. Very few third-
The design of the party app takes into account fashion, but in any case, some of these apps work better with a stylus.
A drawing game is a good example.
It is designed for fingers, but the stylus makes it easier to draw an understandable picture because it makes it easier to see what you are drawing.
In contrast, the fingers are big and dull, blurring the picture.
If the app feels the pressure of the pen, it will work better.
At the current level of software support, the stylus is just a little better than a gimmick.
But even with more apps, the appeal of the stylus is limited. It's a must-
Only a small number of people like graffiti or need it for work.
For the rest of us, this will be an interesting thing that we use occasionally.
It can and should prompt the purchase decision from time to time, but not everyone can.
You can compare it to the logo feature of the latest iPad: ultra-
High resolution screen.
This is not a must.
It has features for everyone, but it is useful for everyone.
The Galaxy Note does use other features that Apple's tablet lacks in the iPad's defense system.
One is the slot for the microSD memory card, which means you can expand the memory of the Galaxy Note cheaply.
Very popular.
Another feature is infrastructure.
Red light, can be used on remote control of home entertainment center.
It's one of Sony's first features on its Android tablet.
We welcome it too-
Some people spend hundreds of dollars on the universal remote, and the Galaxy Note actually replaces the feature with this feature.
However, the software that comes with it doesn't work well on my TV and stereo, so this needs some patching to correct.
Compared to other tablets running Google's Android software, you won't give up too much because you receive the Galaxy Note.
Samsung's 9-hour battery life is a little shorter than that of the same model, probably because
Sensor layer or new processor.
Next is an ice cream sandwich-to-
The latest version of Android can be upgraded to the latest jelly beans.
It has a fast processor and a big screen.
$499, $100 more expensive than a pen-
Less Galaxy Tab 2 10.
1. the screen is the same size, but the processor is slow.
Asus Transformer series tablets adopt another strategy: they are designed to match the accessory keyboard, which also contains additional batteries and more connection ports.
This is another way for competitors to try to take advantage of Apple and iPad blind spots, and for Apple and iPad, the physical keyboard seems to be an afterthought.
The combination of Asus and Samsung's strategy could make it a very attractive tablet.
For now, the iPad is still a better choice for most people.
The main reason is that there are more and better third.
Party software is available.
But the Galaxy Note shows that there is growing pressure on the iPad and it has to work hard if Apple wants to stay ahead.
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