review: the wisdome popup in dtla fills five geodesic domes with some art and a lot of hot air - w

review: the wisdome popup in dtla fills five geodesic domes with some art and a lot of hot air - wacom tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-08
review: the wisdome popup in dtla fills five geodesic domes with some art and a lot of hot air  -  wacom tablet
New brands of pop music
Over the past few years, there has been an art experience.
Transformed industrial buildings and open spaces across the country are pleasing to the eye.
From vapid selfie factories like Ice Cream Museum and canditopia, visitors can take their own photos in front of colorful backgrounds and desktops, to more impressive photos, santa Fe art collective Meow Wolf creation "eternal return home" and other interactive environment.
Examples of these interesting arts
Ben Davis created this phenomenon on Artnet.
Share more in common with the theme park than traditional museums, aiming to put visitors at the center of the experience.
The latest entry into the field is 35,000-square-
The press release is confusingly called a walking complex of "The world's first fully immersive entertainment art park. ” (
Have the organizers never heard of Disneyland? )
The venue is located in the art district of downtown Los Angeles, with five domes and a 360-
Degree projection mapping technology similar to Planetarium.
The opening ceremony featured the work of Android Jones, a Colorado "digital painter" who called himself an "electronic painter"
Is a "long term member of the burning people community", the annual anti-cultural festival held in the desert Chuck, Nevada
Full of big and interesting art.
Visitors enter through a mirrored room, which is like an infinite mirror room for the poor version of the grass room, which itself has become blue-
Chip agencies such as Guangfa.
Considering this amateur device, people enjoy the work of Kusama even more.
A complete dome was handed over to dozens of Jones's digitally printed oil paintings, showing his vision of a new era, if a hacker.
It is full of Buddha, Wolf, Dragon, skull, fractal and geometric design like a mix and match
At the beginning of 1970, there were 1990 crazy flyers on the black light poster, wrapped in a vague thin blanket of oriental mystery.
The feature of a work is that a woman's head is surrounded by symbols from several religions, like an excessive
Serious "coexistence" bumper stickers have become a reality.
In Friday's rehearsal, a man wearing a Noby knit hat walked by waving a incense burner, filled with Palo's holy smoke in the air as a background-playing undershot EDM's
Another dome highlights the virtual reality of jones's Microdose VR, the only element that truly interacts with the smart dome.
At the heart of the device is Jones's animated short film "Samskara", which is clearly based on ancient Vedic and Sanskrit texts.
"Join our journey through consciousness and beyond the mind and discover the inner self," the description read in a screening in October, "from creation to evolution, corruption, conflict and destruction, the ultimate rebirth, and the path to enlightenment.
The aesthetic of the film reproduces the intersection between "Tron" and James Cameron's "Avatar", with panoramic views of the lush CGI forest incorporated into the ever-changing abstraction.
The images were originally drawn on jones's Wacom tablet and later outsourced to the digital animation team in Thailand and Russia.
Lying under 90
The Dome at your feet, with dazzling scenes unfolding over your head, you can't help but be a little fascinated, but it's more about engaging technology than amazing content.
In fact, anything can be impressive when projected around the dome.
Like a carnival, it may be interesting, but it is far from inspiring.
The organizers of Widome said "Samskara" will run for a few months, but this larger project will remain on the site for two to three years, hosting rotating exhibitions and events.
"We want to revitalize the arts district," said Sean Ahern, vice president of business development at wisdomme, adding that it was supported by the mayor.
Considering that there is already a lot of art space in the area, including large art space, it seems like a strange comment
Hauser & Wirth gallery and Year-
Old College of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.
It is true that the middle class has largely squeezed working artists out of a tenacious, neglected place in DTLA, but is a tech theme park really the answer?
It tells us that during festivals such as Coachella, Burning Man and Lightning in bottle a in the Central Coast region, the dome of fuldom Pro has appeared --
There are only a few days of activities and an exclusive audience.
Here the company is trying to re-
Small creation section settings (and urban)
There are fire pits and trucks selling organic coffee and vegetarian jackfruit tacos.
Widome plans to host events throughout the run, including meditation, Deepak Chopra speech and puck Floyd-
Related to the performance of the band's saxophone performer named "Beyond the Wall.
Tickets start at $25, which is still cheaper than tickets for less ambitious businesses like boring pop musicup Happy Place.
Again, Broad, ica la and Hauser & Wirth are free.
Michael Hope, who manages the property located in widome, will soon distinguish the project from other selfie factories.
"Every time there is a new experience," he said.
"You walk once, you walk again, you see different things.
"It's true, of course, but it doesn't matter if these different things aren't worth seeing in the first place.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦Location: St. Palm 1147, L. A.
When: Check if there is a timetable for the website: $25 or more;
The "Floyd" event on Friday and Saturday is $50-
Message: $100 widome.
Our review marks Bradford's new sculpture (it blinks)
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