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review: wacom intuos5 touch - wacom

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-07
review: wacom intuos5 touch  -  wacom
Wacom has improved the interface, which does have a significant impact on the way you work.
The word tablet today is a touch screen device that allows you to connect to the Internet, access news, watch movies, play games, etc.
For some time, however, "tablet" refers only to input devices consisting of slate and stylus, and allows digital art lovers to create brushes with ease.
Intuos 5 is the latest such tablet released by Wacom in India.
Intuos 5 is a stylish device with a rubber finish on the side.
The work area has a matte finish instead of a smooth finish for Intuos 4.
This slightly improves the response of the stylus.
The size of the review unit is also smaller than the Intuos 4, which is useful because you don't even need to move your hands to make long pens> overall, on the Intuos 5, the pressure on the wrist is low.
However, the genius of the device lies in the fast key.
These keys are on the left hand side of the work area.
There are 8 rectangular buttons and a round button.
Each key can be customized using the bundle software.
Wacom also decided not to name the key on the hardware.
When you click the button, the function associated with it appears on the screen.
Once you 've set up features and get used to orders, you rarely need to look down at the tablet to know what you're doing.
With these buttons only, you can zoom in and out, resize the brush, change the speed of the pointer, etc.
So it completely replaces the keyboard.
You can also open more
Touch gestures using the software.
Once enabled, you can zoom in and out using your finger pinch.
Thankfully, the device recognizes when the stylus is kept on the device, and multi-touch is disabled at that time.
Overall, the sensitivity and response of the device is roughly similar to that of Intuos 4.
On the contrary, Wacom has improved on the interface, which does have a significant impact on the way you work.
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