ruble slump hits russians wallets, not their support for putin - graphic design tablet-ITATOUCH-im

ruble slump hits russians' wallets, not their support for putin - graphic design tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-20
ruble slump hits russians\' wallets, not their support for putin  -  graphic design tablet
MOSCOW (Reuters)-
Alexei Kurayev is one of more than 56 million Russians
President-elect Vladimir Putin is already calculating the possible cost of a weaker ruble: a decline in overseas consumption, rising domestic prices, and a new round of tightening belts.
But Mr. Kurayev, 56
A one-year-old graphic designer who likes foreign travel and imported wine has accused the West, not Putin, of having no regrets about voting for a politician he thinks is the right person to guide Russia through difficult times.
"It's painful and unpleasant, but it's not going to change my politics," he said . " He talked about the 10% devaluation of the ruble against the dollar since the end of July, which was largely driven by the new U. S.
Sanctions against Russia
"In fact, while it sounds strange, it only strengthens my belief. They (the West)
Trying to break Russia.
"Mr Kurayev's view that Mr Putin should not be blamed is widely accepted among Russians, according to Stepan Goncharov, a sociologist in the rivarda Center poll.
"People don't really understand the dynamics behind it, traditionally the president won't be criticized," Goncharov told Reuters . ".
Russia's claim that the devaluation of the ruble was the result of a Western conspiracy directly echoes Turkey, which is Russia's ally and fell to a record low on Monday.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says Turkey is the target of an economic war and says Turkey will boycott the U. S.
Retaliate against imports.
In Russia, the devaluation of the ruble has brought pain to some people.
The price of imported goods may rise.
Foreign vacations are also becoming more expensive.
Irina Turina, a spokesman for the Russian Tourism Industry Alliance, said travel agencies have seen demand for package holidays drop by 10-
Due to the fluctuation of the ruble, the exchange rate last week was 15%.
"Those who have not paid the full amount for the holiday are rushing to pay off the remaining expenses, even if they are not obligated to do so," Turina told Reuters, there is concern that the outstanding balance will be recalculated at a higher, less favorable exchange rate.
"People who haven't bought a package holiday are also stopping to think about it," she said . ".
"It's not just about paying for your holiday, and once you get there, people take the dollars and you need to spend the money.
Nevertheless, early and anecdotal signs suggest that many Russians, who have long been accustomed to exchange rate fluctuations, are forbear, or even provocative, in the event of a devaluation of the ruble.
Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zahalova said last week that the sanctions against Russia have nothing to do with Moscow's actions in Ukraine or Syria, but are stimulated by the United States. S.
Economic competitors need to remain depressed.
This view has been favored by many Russians who have listened to the Kremlin's opposition through state television.
Western rhetoric for many years.
The other Russians were just optimistic about the ruble's fall, as they were surprised by the fact that they had seen it worse before.
"Nothing is forever and things will change in some way," said Moscow resident Gennady Tsurkan . ".
"Everything will be better.
These days are not far away, I believe.
"The ruble's fall is far less severe than the currency crisis after 2014, when the recession followed the consequences of Russia's annexation of Crimea, Ukraine.
Russia's exposure to rouble volatility is significantly lower than it was four years ago.
Since then, Russian companies have reduced foreign borrowing, the country has reduced the size of financing in the Western debt market, and the country has fewer imports that need to be paid in dollars. Putin’s still-
High support ratings have declined over the past few months, but opinion polls say it comes down to an unpopular pension reform proposal, not the weakness of the ruble.
Polls say that while the weakness of the rouble may cause some Russians to be dissatisfied with pension reform, it is unclear whether it will trigger protests, or affect the political situation that Putin has experienced in 18 years.
"If it does have an effect, it will be an indirect effect, amplified by discontent with the declining living conditions," said Goncharov of Levada Center . ".
Vladimir Putin's bharayev
It is very philosophical to support graphic designers.
"Like sunshine or snow.
I can't influence it.
Maybe I have to drink another wine.
Or maybe I have to buy a pair instead of two pairs of shoes.
Very painful, but not so painful.
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