rugged, convertible acer chromebook 11 spin with anti-microbial glass and stylus targets education

rugged, convertible acer chromebook 11 spin with anti-microbial glass and stylus targets education - wacom

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-07
rugged, convertible acer chromebook 11 spin with anti-microbial glass and stylus targets education  -  wacom
While Chromebooks is not as attractive to consumers as traditional laptops running Windows, it is popular among educators.
However, the more mainstream Chromebook products are not particularly suitable for the rigors of the classroom environment.
Acer has just released a new Chromebook at the UK Education and Training Technology Company (BETT)
However, the London exhibition, which aims to solve the problem of professional classroom use --
Case-Acer Chromebook Spin 11 (model R751T)
"Today's students and teachers rely more than ever on the power of technology to improve learning outcomes.
Acer continues to invest in research and development to create products and solutions that suit the needs of modern education, "said James Lin, managing director of business and removable laptops for Acer's IT products business.
"With our new Chromebook Spin 11, students can easily get a solid and durable experience --to-
Use the device for learning when the school administrator gets the cost
Provide effective laptop kits for their schools to help students and employees make the most of the advantages of modern technology.
Acer has added some interesting features and techniques to Chromebook Spin 11.
As its name implies, this machine is a convertible device due to the 360 degree hinge screen.
This allows the display to rotate all the time like Lenovo's Yoga product, so the Chromebook Spin 11 can be used as a laptop in flip-over mode or as a tablet, or in a stand-up or display manner.
Chromebook 11 Spin is also sturdy and durable to meet US standardsS. military MIL-
STD 810G spec, so it's more popular than the mainstream Chromecast book.
In addition, the Acer Chromebook Spin 11 is equipped with Wacom EMR (Electro-
Magnetic resonance)
The stylus allows the user to write and draw directly on its 11. 6” touch-
A screen that imitates pen and paper.
Talking about touch
On the screen, it also has an interesting function-it is protected by a layer of antibacterial Corning Gorilla Glass, which obtains antibacterial properties by embedding ion silver.
Other features of Acer Chromebook Spin 11 include Intel saiyang 4
Core processor N3450 or Intel saiyang dual processor-
The core processor N3350 depends on the model, 4 GB or 8 gb of LPDDR4 memory, and the built-in flash memory of 32 GB or 64 gb.
The machine also has dual cameras (1MP and 5MP), 2x2 MIMO 802. 11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 42, two USB types-
C port, two USB 3. 0 Type-
A port and a MicroSD card reader.
Acer's Chromebook Spin 11 weighs 3 lbs.
1 pound, only 11. 7” (W)x 8. 1” (D)x . 8” (H)
According to Acer, the battery can last up to 10 hours.
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