russia designs tablet pc to rival apples ipad - graphic tablet for pc-ITATOUCH-img

russia designs tablet pc to rival apple's ipad - graphic tablet for pc

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-29
russia designs tablet pc to rival apple\'s ipad  -  graphic tablet for pc
* CEO Rosnano showed Prime Minister Putin that the new tablet * tablet will cost $420, compared to the iPad * tablet made in Moscow Gleb Bryanski in August 18 using plastic electronics technologyReuters)-
A Russian state-owned company plans to start mass production of cheap plastics next year.
The company says the tablet will rival Apple's iPad.
Anatoly chubys' Russian market reforms and Rosnano, a tech group, told Prime Minister Vladimir Putin that his new computer would cost about $420 for the cheapest iPad of $670.
"The tablet is lighter and doesn't even have glass on the screen.
Even if the students decided to fight with these pills, they were definitely injured --
To promote the technology, Chubais joked.
The device will use plastic or organic electronics developed by the University of Cambridge in the 1990 s, not Silicon guides.
Chubais believes the technology has a 10% share of the global electronics market.
Television footage showed Chubais handing over the 20-by-30 tablet to Putin, which is visually similar to the iPad, but outsized its rivals.
When a popular proverb appears, Putin touches the screen and smiles.
Unlike his partner in Russia's ruling duo, President Dmitry Medvedev, an Apple fan with an iPad for official events, Putin is not a computer madman, officials are often advised not to show their ipad in the presence of him.
Many young Russian bureaucrats and entrepreneurs who think Medvedev is their leader and want him to take part in the presidential election in March 2012, they also carry the ipad and are active on Twitter and Facebook.
In January 2011, Rosnano paid $0. 15 billion for 25% of Plastic Logic and was seen as one of the global leaders in the field of plastic electronics, which plans to invest $0. 7 billion to build a manufacturing plant outside Moscow.
Re: Store, Apple's main distributor in Russia, estimates that the local market for tablets has 500,000 units a year, and Apple's iPad has a 60% share.
Re: Tikhon Smykov, CEO of Store, told Reuters: "I can be sure that a Russian tablet will not get more than 10% of the market share . ".
Chubais said Rosnano will test the new tablet
Before starting mass production and targeting 13 people in Russia, schools were filled with school books and educational materials for one year.
There are 6 million students in the school. (
Supplementary report by Maria Plis;
Editor David Holmes)($1=28. 35 Rouble)
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