rywanda think she so goddamn smart ever since graduating from fourth grade - smart-ITATOUCH-img

rywanda think she so goddamn smart ever since graduating from fourth grade - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-21
rywanda think she so goddamn smart ever since graduating from fourth grade  -  smart
Tell me I don't know my five times, eight times, five times.
So now that Rywanda graduated in the fourth grade, she thinks she's better? Uh-uh.
I don't need my daughter to disrespect me like I don't work at the station all day so I can get her a cell phone.
I'm glad she did the best in her class, but that doesn't mean I have to put up with some bragging --ass 12-year-
Run around all the time.
I don't think school is important. I don't think school is important.
I had Rywanda and 'drae' go to school all the time, even on Friday, so I didn't want to hear that I was a bad mom.
I have three children who are all educated at Teekay at school.
He was just born.
Just, do you know what the cursive is? Who cares?
I know my alphabet and everything I do on my computer right now.
Rywanda just doesn't understand because she's not in the real world and she's in school.
So she thought she was a genius because she knew the state capital and all her bones.
But this is not important.
She just needs to learn it because the school will test how much students know about different kinds of rocks, and if they don't know their shit, the school won't have no money.
So where's Rywanda?
Clean Teekay's diapers at home like her mom.
Still, Rywanda still has a big head like her Alfred Einstein.
She didn't even ask me to help her with her homework anymore and when I did it she told me I was wrong and didn't know the grammar. Shit.
When I was as big as her, no one helped me with my homework.
That's why I never got GED but you didn't see me crying for it.
I found a job and a man.
You 'd better believe that the next time she corrects my strengths and weaknesses in front of the bank's Teller Lady, I'll beat her up.
The social workers who tried to tell me how to manage my life and make a budget brought me enough questions, and that bitch Debra "now has only three children, Amber.
"It's like I can't count to Trinity.
I may not know what the spelling and cloud are for like Rywanda, but I am not an idiot.
Her book is very clever.
Before I knew she would read, she asked me to buy books in her way.
She nagged me so much and I started giving her the take-out menu they posted on the door so it wasn't surprising that she was doing well at school.
Probably from me because her dad had dog food in his head.
Otherwise, he will be the manager of the gift box factory rather than just closing the door on weekends.
It's not even a promotion, and even worse, stupid ass.
I'm glad I'm pretty sure the father of Troy riwanda.
He's so fucking stupid.
But my kids are smart. Even Teekay.
He is not even two years old, and he already has his favorite color juice.
The lion Dragon always looks at everything that is trying to figure out.
I told my girl Angel that he would be one of the science cops like you saw on TV, because once Drey found a bullet when she came home from school.
I said to him, "where did you get it?
I found it. "That's what he is . "
"I bet he will solve a murder one day. he is too smart.
Rywanda, however, she 'd better speak with her attitude and don't tell me how to speak correctly or I'll hit her mouth.
She's big now, but that doesn't mean she's my boss.
As long as she lives in my house or until she finds a man, Rywanda has to do what I say and don't talk about any pilgrims.
Curtis had better listen to him when she was there.
Graduated fourth grade, shit. Please.
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