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salute to nurses letters: hospitals a-c - what is a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-24
salute to nurses letters: hospitals a-c  -  what is a smart board
Capable home care Catherine Norris, capable home care my daughter Catherine has been a strong supporter and supporter of her father for the past year.
Kathy's father, Dennis, has countless medical problems with increased diabetes.
Kathy meets with each medical team to study clinical labs, problem diagnosis, and advise on treatment.
Kathy saved Dennis's leg twice.
For the first time, she insisted on having a second view of the infection.
The second time, after he lost two toes, she lobbied for hyperbaric oxygen treatment.
When he did not see enough healing, the vascular surgeon suggested putting her father's leg under his knee.
Kathy noticed many red flags in his MRI print.
He was transferred to the Massachusetts General Hospital where Kathy told the doctor what she saw in her MRI.
An alternative was proposed for further testing.
A brace was inserted into her father's wound.
Since December, the use of antibiotics and wound VAC has saved his leg.
His wounds are healing and his path to recovery is continuing.
I saw Kathy's clinical ability and care first. hand.
I am very proud of her and her profession.
I know she has to give 100% skills, compassion and care to all patients, which is why I nominated her for recognition. —
Nominated by a nurse at Mary Norris Gilbert Hospital, Addison Gilbert Hospital-Beverly Hospital, I have seen this team be excellent in every aspect of the patient experience.
From the Bridge in Gloucester, it is sometimes easy to overlook the amazing work and resources that keep AGH ahead.
I can't just mention one nurse because the quality of forming an excellent nurse requires teamwork, collaboration and patience.
Steele/ICU 1 does not have its own IV team or diabetes educator-
The nurses in this unit are all these things.
Our team scored 99 points.
Compliance with vaccination and screening for all influenza and influenza vaccinations is 8-100%.
They stay ahead of all new unit plans and take quality metrics very seriously.
Next, we have a very low rate of decline. to-no catheter-
Related events, center of almost zeroline-
Related blood flow infection
Flow nurses, travelers and new graduates through AGH say Steele1/ICU nurses have the best team work they 've ever seen.
They're leaving-
Team for all internal emergencies.
Our census has been high for some time as we receive patients from Beverly Hospital and pebodi to keep our floors in maximum capacity.
The staff worked overtime and never complained.
Nurses in small hospitals are often overlooked in major awards, but the most critical thinking skills, the most independent, and the most knowledgeable about the community are community hospital nurses.
Nurse AGH should have long been considered one of the best RNs in Massachusetts.
-At the heart of this community is the former residence of Susan branganleton by vermoqiong Cunningham Central Park, Melanie kozoto, Jessica Canuto, Christine Dehai, Helena.
I watched these women take care of our elderly residents with compassion, patience, knowledge and kindness.
These unsung heroes are committed to providing exemplary care.
They are responsible for the residents 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
They can be case managers, nursing assistants, educators, maintenance workers, chefs, administrators and social workers on any day.
My mom, mom. in-Law and sisterin-
The law lives in this community.
They were taken good care.
The staff in our home were also great.
They provide the same level of care for all residents and families because they are such people.
You can't teach others compassion and dedication.
My family will always be grateful for the love, kindness and expertise they get.
It was really touching to see all the residents getting the same care.
I admire and respect your work of selfless dedication. —
Nomination Alan LarameeAspire health AllianceMarian giouard-
Spino, aspire Health alliei is honored to nominate our "care partner" Marian for her excellent work in adding key behavioral Health components, helps to integrate and strengthen our sharing of health in the South Bank.
As Marianne has taught us effectively in the past two years, "there is no health without mental health", and with our construction, design, this basic phrase has become our Signpost, incorporate behavioral capabilities into our strong healthcare infrastructure.
Marianne is willing to share her deep expertise in a group of patients who are often marginalized, and we all know that they are family members, friends or neighbors.
Marianne's relentless optimism style improves communication, care and outcomes between shared patients who are often treated to our busy 100,000-
Visit the emergency department at the same time or related medical problems.
Marianne has always been an outstanding colleague dedicated to the behavioral health population and we are very grateful for the expertise she brings to the South Bank community.
Her service here continues her career.
Long-term commitment to serving marginalized groups at the same height
Quality care we should all look forward.
She is an innovator and has recently been involved in a statewide initiative to reduce boarding time in the emergency room, and we are all better suited to her presence. —
Timothy quiglebin is nominated!
Wendy Diamond!
Med SpaWendy is a talented, creative, compassionate professional whose work continues to inspire Aspire!
-Ryan nominated LitalienAtrius health cardiovascular CenterAnnemarie Bianchetto, and Atrius HealthAnnemarie is a true hero with both sympathetic patients and her colleagues.
I will ask her directly when I have any questions. —
Nominated by Jordan Jennison Fraser, Atrius health 2 spinal fusion has severely weakened my legs in 2 1/2 years.
This is especially destructive because I have always been positive.
Amy is part of the Atrius home health care program for home patients.
I was so lucky to have Amy as my nurse.
She advocated for me directly to see neurologist and to be tested to find the root cause of my problem.
She arranged my appointment for my lab to paint at home.
She observed my blood pressure and other physical conditions.
She arranged for a friend to install a railing that I needed to climb up the steps of my house.
No matter what happens, Amy is there to fix it.
When I was able to go down without a walker, she encouraged me to move on.
Our visit ended about two months later as I was making very good progress.
Amy had a profound impact on the progress.
I am very grateful to this wonderful and loving nurse. —
Nominated by Lois MacFarlandBaker
Crystal technical care and rehabilitation center in Baker
Catz's skilled care and rehabilitation center Crystal always ends her day with a ready smile and a positive attitude and full of energy.
She explained a non to the patient and the family.
Medical staff can understand and find any information that families need to make informed decisions.
There is nothing too small for her to immediately stop what she is doing and help.
For example, when Crystal was finishing the paperwork, I asked if I could come up with a rolling table for my mother's coffee.
Before I could take two steps, the crystal jumped.
Despite having assistants on the floor to complete these tasks, the crystal responds to all needs with compassion, compassion and a smile.
She treats elderly residents with respect and patience.
She talked to them calmly when they were grumpy or hard to please.
She never lost her composure.
I was surprised by the dedication of the people she took care of and their families. —
Baystate healthmary beth is nominated by Patricia AdamsBaystate healthmary Hayes at Baystate Medical Center, who is my girlfriend for more than 11 years.
She is also a psychiatric nurse and will do everything she can to avoid using the restraints.
Her sympathy for the many patients she took care of was admirable.
Not all nurses avoid restraint.
It is certain that this cautious standard is discussed with the news. —
I was a nurse and had the privilege of having a kidney transplant last year. I am a nurse.
Jamie was the coordinator before and after the transplant and he improved the quality of life before and after my surgery.
She is a model member of the transplant team, and her extraordinary knowledge and compassion support the patient's mission and recovery.
Thanks to her bedside attitude, I trusted her from the moment I saw her.
My recovery obviously depends on Jamie's advocacy of the patient and multi-disciplinary team.
I trusted her all my life.
As a person and a patient, her knowledge, compassion and care for me provide the greatest assurance and comfort for me to continue my workTransplant Care—
Nominated by Janet SpellmanFarr 6 and Farr 10 nurses, Beth Israel pastor medical center 91-year-
In last October, the old father lived from independence to Boston.
He was admitted to the emergency department after a head injury during the fall, accompanied by a bleeding waist.
Those times in the education department were one of the most difficult times we had.
We observed a decline in his mental state and swallowing ability in the increasing sleep and worsening CT scan reports.
Over time, hope for recovery has faded.
ED is patient, honest and good at communication with neurosurgery nurses.
In the next 48 hours, Dad was accepted as Farr 6.
The nurses there are very good.
They care not only about our father, but also about us, talking to us and supporting us in our pain.
They provided us with room to sleep around dad all day and gave him comfort and safety.
He was then transferred to a single room on Farr 10 to spend the last few days.
We were nervous about leaving our friends in Farr 6, but the Farr 10 nurse was equally amazing.
They offer a room that offers privacy, comfort, tranquility, and a place where we can reflect, share life stories with our father, and spend precious time with him --
Tell him how much we love him and how much we appreciate him and our mother.
All these BIDMC nurses are so compassionate, kind, respectful, gentle and sincere --
Danielle, in particular, was there in the last few hours.
We will always thank them all. —
Nominated by the former delivery department Trish FarnsworthMarie, Beth Israel deacon Medical Center, as my colleague in the prenatal department, Mary is not only going to take care of her patients, but also as a colleague of our resource nurse.
Her job was to make sure our unit was running smoothly, the patients had everything they needed, and our staff were fine --supported.
The work of the staff and patients on the third floor is sometimes effortless, but Mary always smiles and looks relaxed.
Mary is finishing her degree as a nurse while balancing all her studies
Time to work, be the mother of four children, and also take care of their own mother.
I don't have a sensation at a time-in-a-
Prove her excellence with a lifetime of stories;
Instead, I have her daily patience, excellence, commitment to the care process, a strong moral compass, and the ability to take care of all of us so effortlessly.
She is really amazing and it is an honor to work with her every day. —
Nominated by Suzanne Wright Laura Hart, Beth Israel pastor medical center Laura took care of our daughter for more than three months with love and care in the neonatal intensive care unit.
While many of our daughter's complications have put us through a difficult period, Laura has made us feel better and gave us a feeling of relief. —
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, nominated by Dan Zeng nogherena horze, is a superstar among the stars.
Nurses are usually only as good as the person they work with, but this person is out of line.
She studied and implemented very complex sleep medicine care, which was difficult, kind, precise and flexible.
She cleverly handled the delicate balance with the attending physician, who had a very different treatment philosophy
This skill seems to be lacking in Washington DC.
There should be more people like her . . . . . . But it may not be possible. —
Nominated by Robert Thomas Tara Kaplan, when Tara arrived for four, Beth Israel pastor Medical Center
On a cold December afternoon, I was slow on the third day of induced labor.
No one would have guessed that I would have given birth to our baby during Tara's short shift, but we are very grateful that she was assigned to us.
The baby had some difficulties and Tara kept calm and at ease while clearly telling us what was going on.
When the doctor is sure it is Labor, Tara teaches us what we should expect.
Although I am a nurse and my husband is a doctor, Tara never thought we should know what will happen next.
She made sure that we all understood the plan, answered all of our questions and outlined the challenges that babies could face and expected them to be low in weight.
She was a positive spirit that helped ensure a safe delivery and was quick to act when my daughter needed a little extra help after she was born.
She even stayed after her shift to complete the delivery and made sure the transition to our next nurse was seamless.
Tara has a delicate attention to detail, the attitude of the bedside is amazing, the knowledge is rich, even the most nervous expectant mother can calm down.
Thank you, Tara, for helping us bring our baby girl to this world. —
Beth Israel ess Medical Center is nominated by Elizabeth and Daniel Kelly labor and delivery nurses, and we are pleased to meet with many nurses on the labor and delivery floor during our daughter's long term induction and delivery.
They are all passionate, understanding and knowledgeable advocates for us.
If you are going to stay in one place for three days, it is necessary to have a strong care team.
We thank them very much for their meticulous care. —
Beth Israel ess medical center jaycee, nominated by Elizabeth and Daniel Kelly more, has been my husband's nurse for 10 months of chemo.
Through our fear and uncertainty about the process, Jacey helped us understand what to expect and make our appointments as convenient as possible.
Jacey communicates difficult messages in an easy-to-understand, optimistic but realistic way.
At this challenging moment in our lives, she knows the patient's mindset and makes things as delicious as possible.
I was taken care of as a family member too
Enjoy and serve snacks and blankets with great sympathy.
I haven't said enough about what her kindness and optimism mean to us. —
Nominated by Louise Coulman Jenny Nexen, Beth Israel female priest Medical Center is also a nurse and I was stunned by the Care Jenny gave me on the first night after delivery.
She is caring, careful, patient and calm
More at night
My husband asked how many more mothers
She thought we might be her only patient, so let the nurse take care of her.
Not sure she is multitasking in competitive needs, which is really a sign of a good nurse.
Thanks for helping us welcome our little one, Jenny.
We will remember the care you and you provide in the coming years. —
Nominated by radiation oncologist Joanna kempdonna Quinn, Beth Israel Medical Center is a professional superhero.
I thought I knew what the superhero was. a fast-
Moving, magical characters make it possible that it is impossible to cross any number of prototypes.
Over the past three months, lung cancer has taught me what a real superhero is.
I know that now I have worked with Donna and got her guidance.
Donna really cares.
She is a reliable expert with a positive impact on nurses, and her skills, relationships and ongoing patient education are the basis for repetitive, focused interactions.
Donna's operations are everywhere in the radiation therapy basement office in eastern Beth Israel.
For me, the "epic journey" I'm on is an unknown area.
Donna answered all my questions honestly and quickly with a hands-on, informed, dynamic attitude.
If she doesn't have the most accurate and specific answer, she will lead me to the best specialist in the oncology team.
Donna made sure I asked my new questions and ate well every day, rested and even smiled from time to time.
The reality of cancer, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy dominate my life, but Donna's amazing knowledge and communication also dominate my life.
Stuart M. , radiation oncologist.
Berman and the entire treatment team are gifts for the hope and healing spirit of cancer patients.
I am very grateful to Donna for her efficient work and her impact on a good life, one at a time.
I want the Boston Globe to celebrate Donna with me and say who the real superhero is. —
The Beth Israel priestess Medical Center is nominated by Susan Kennedy Marx Reesman 11 and gerizmish 7 nurses, and I have to nominate two full-level nurses because they are all outstanding nurses.
My husband was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer last year.
He was well ill and very ill, but he was taken care
As an inpatient at the clinical treatment center on the 11 th floor of Reisman building and on the 7 th floor of the Gryzmish building-
Excellent in all imaginable ways, helping us through the most terrible difficult times.
Nurses are very smart people who have to master all the treatments, medicines and procedures, but they are also genius with extremely high compassion and understanding.
They have intelligence and emotional intelligence to a large extent, and we all thank them for their concern, care and compassion. —
Nominated by Georgia Taft pievinia Seri, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center through multiple surgeries, clinical trials and endless scans and visits, Virginia is like an eagle
-Beth Israel ess medical center kaylee, nominated by Michael ChmuraKaylee Shaughnessy, provided special care for me and my new baby girl two nights after delivery.
Despite working all night, Kaylee taught us how to take care of our daughter.
Taking care of pediatric nurses, pediatrician husbands and their newborn babies is certainly not the easiest task, but Kaylee is exactly what we need on the first night.
We even kept our questions for her because we knew she would be back the next night. —
Myrielle is nominated by Elizabeth and Daniel kelimir Whittle, Shapiro 9, Beth Israel Women's Medical Center. My 27-year-old nurse, from the first day of my diagnosis
She is compassionate, capable, professional, investing in my health
And my friends.
All the nurses and support staff at chapello 9 need to be mentioned because of their care and kindness.
Every visit is the best.
The staff and Myrielle are like a family.
They have taken care of me for many years. —
Nominated by Martha afintakahinah amirolinski, Beth Israel female physician medical CenterA more than a year ago I was BIDMC for a very aggressive lymphoma
So far, the patient's chemotherapy . . . . . .
7 all nurses in Feldberg (
Hematology/Oncology/bone marrow transplant floor in BIDMC)
Great, but Hannah is a particularly bright light in the starry sky.
She is an important reason why I feel so strong today. —
Nominated by Christopher BrooksKristine Yurtek, Beth Israel ess Medical Center, I am happy to see Kristine's familiar face after my second child was born.
She's always been a position-
My first child has been working as a postpartum nurse since she was born in 2016.
Quality care after my second time.
Her warmth and knowledge reassured her new mother.
Christine, thank you for helping us welcome our two children to this world.
We are grateful to meet you twice. —
Nominated by Joanna kempbeth Israeli priest Hospital
Beth Israel convent Hospital-
NeedhamLaurel is the kindest nurse, I know.
Although she has been a nurse for more than a year, she is more effective in reaching out to patients and family than her senior nurse.
I recently saw a patient who was discharged from the hospital hugging Laurel, and it was obviously full of gratitude.
The daughter of another patient praised Laurel for her kindness to her mother, stressing how patient Laurel was, and how she explained everything she had done, even though her mother was mentally ill.
Laurel even took the time to fix her mother's hair.
Another patient wrote: "Nurse Laurel scored 10 points. She is awesome!
Another patient who has worked in health care for many years described Laurel's "call" to become a nurse and pleaded: "laurel is compassionate, please keep her!
Laurel's maturity is beyond her age, bringing serenity to our busy acute care department.
In addition to being friendly to patients and family, Laurel cares about her colleagues and nurse leaders.
Asked how she had been on a busy day, Laurel replied with a smile, "I'm fine, how are you?
Laurel is always willing to help her colleagues and she works overtime to make sure patients get the care they need.
As a skilled clinician, she was trained as a new nurse in an informal leadership role.
Laurel's commitment to the nursing profession and her kindness to patients, family and colleagues are truly special.
It is my pleasure to nominate my colleague Laurel. —
Amy crexie Ashley Kane, Israel convent hospital, Beth
I worked as an infusion nurse for two years.
Language cannot express her kindness and knowledge of clinical skills in chemotherapy.
She is trustworthy, very compassionate and knows how to insert a fusion needle for treatment.
Her personality is beyond words.
Every time I take care of her, I trust her with my life. —
Nominated Cynthia corradokatrader heretic, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital
Work with Catherine at the Needham campus in Beth Israel.
Catherine has always shown compassion and dedication to her patients and colleagues.
She has confidence in her abilities and has never failed.
She worked for hours.
Morning, evening and evening-
And often take over for those in need.
Catherine is often seen training others, reaching out and communicating with her family.
She is an excellent nurse. —
Beth Israel convent hospital nominated John Zarella
Lee dehami works with my mother Jenny at the Lee Deham campus in Beth, Israel.
She always goes all out.
For her colleagues, family and friends.
She has been working night shifts for over 40 years and has shown dedication to patients and her craft.
Jenny leads by example and communicates in a way that makes others feel comfortable with learning.
She is an excellent nurse. —
On my scheduled C-Day, Beverly Hospital was nominated by Theresa Adams, John ZarrellaBeverly Hospital
I'm ready.
I did it 17 months ago.
I know what to expect. there are plans this time.
What may be the problem?
Theresa is my delivery nurse.
First of all, they couldn't find the vein for my IV.
This is trauma.
It's now time for surgery, and the intravenous ultrasound machine is in the room.
My husband is naturally anxious on a good day, and he starts to speak fast and fast.
Theresa calmly suggested that maybe he should take a walk.
She held my hand until the vein was inserted and I thought the worst thing was over. I was wrong.
The anesthesia doctor couldn't find the right place to numb me.
I was worried because I had experienced this before, less than 45 minutes.
She sat alone on the edge of the bed and could see the concerns in my eyes.
She hugged me and her arms were wrapped around my back all the time.
She whispered something to help me get through it.
She replaced a partner who could not be there from the beginning.
I have never been completely numb.
Surgery and delivery are no different from my first time, and I must have been traumatized.
Theresa stayed with me until I was taken to the recovery room where my parents and my 17-year-oldmonth-old waited.
She stayed with us until she had to go to another patient.
Theresa is a compassionate, selfless, caring nurse whose care should be recognized.
Without her, my experience was different. —
Beverly Hospital Dawn, nominated by Cieara McManusDawn Morey, has worked here for 29 years and I am happy to work with her throughout her career.
She is concerned with pediatrics, and she has an overwhelming love for her children.
As a leader in our pediatric team, she is the main mentor for all new pediatric nurses.
How lucky they are to learn from the best.
The Dawn always showed compassion;
She takes special care of her physical mother. abuse newborns.
She has been actively involved in the initiative for two years.
She supports and guides these mothers with love and respect, while teaching them to take care of the newborn.
Dawn has strong clinical skills.
She is a senior pediatric life support lecturer and a teacher at our pediatric staff Expo, where employees learn and comment on important topics in care.
She helped review and develop policies and procedures.
She works closely with our director of pediatrics.
She chairs the Pediatric Education Task Force, which reviews the care of children with a focus on consistency and excellence.
As a nurse in charge, Dawn is good at communicating and meeting with patients and family to solve their problems.
She is the most trustworthy person and the most worthy of guidance.
As a patient advocate, she raised concerns for social services, case management, and doctors.
A few years ago, Dawn received an assistant degree in nursing.
Over the past five years, she has returned to school for a bachelor's degree in nursing and is now working on a nurse practice degree. —
Nominated by Candice
I was admitted to Johnson Marquis at Beverly Hospital.
Monitoring floors for severe asthma and respiratory distress.
Arianna quickly developed a care plan, communicated clearly, and showed sincere sympathy through emotional contact and encouragement.
Arianna is energetic, energetic, calm and clearheaded.
I feel like I have an advocate and an ally on the floor and I am very grateful for her skill and the attitude of the bedside. —
Nominated by Sara SingletonBoard of Health, Wayland, Mass.
Ruth Murray of the hitterruvelan Council is a public health nurse and school leader in wellland town.
Her achievements include: becoming a promoter of community care;
Responsible for the vaccination of nearly 2,000 residents annually through community clinics, senior clinics, school clinics and home visits;
Establishing infectious disease links with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health;
Ensure effective communication at schoolto-
Health issues for parents;
Managing Volunteer Medical reserves in emergency management and representing the town-
Just a few examples.
Ruth's compassion is endless.
She approached residents for a health check-up, conducted a blood pressure clinic every day, and acted as a sounding board for the elderly to keep them calm and informed, while making appropriate referrals and keeping their information confidential.
Ruth is probably the most
Loved and trusted staff in town.
She has always advocated additional services for urban residents.
She and the director of Health recently received permission from the Health Commission to implement a pilot project that is currently under development to provide our elderly with a scarce and very desirable shingles vaccine.
The complete list of tasks and achievements is coordinated by Ruth
Time staff dedicated to ensuring the health of Wayland residents, especially to our 65-and-
Elderly population.
I'm sure most of your nominations will be direct care nurses, but please consider the impact of this public health nurse on this town and recognize the importance of public health care. —
Boston Children's Hospital was nominated by South LedwellBoston children's hospital 9 South and ICP nurses. from last November to February, Gabriel, son of Boston Children's Hospital, was hospitalized for stomach infection and other problems.
The nurse and ICP of South 9 made him happy and comfortable.
When something happens, they are always willing to follow orders and inform his care team to get Gabriel on track and solve his numerous problems. —
The Boston Children's Hospital was nominated by nurse Neil Hasan 10e, and our good friend little girl, Paisley, has had patients in BCH several times since last October, and she has gained a rare life --
Rescue surgery that can only be done there. Her many post-
Her parents were afraid of complications from surgery, but they repeatedly said that the nurse was lifelong --savers to them.
Every step they take is by Paisley's side.
When she can handle it, they do very interesting activities with her, such as letting her participate in the World Series.
Red Sox bring lucky videos of treating dogs (She likes it)
Walk into her room and even let her spend some time on the roof terrace in Halloween costumes, when she is eager for a trick --or-
Treatment with other children
Knowing that the nurse would look at her, she calmed down when she had to go back to the hospital.
Her parents asked us to vote for all the nurses on 10E, so we were here. —
Boston Children's Hospital is nominated by Rachel Norwood Josh anossa, one of my most loving nurses ever in BCHdown.
Now he is helping me pursue my dream of becoming a nurse and I hope to follow in his footsteps.
Josh, thank you very much for everything you did. —
Nominated by Jezlyn RoblesAngela Baggett, Boston Children's Hospital is not easy to become a mentor for a new nurse, especially if you are going to train a foreign nurse
An educated nurse who had just studied English a few years ago.
You have to teach her how to record and how to respond to and assist the patient's request.
Sometimes you have to help her learn medical terminology, even communication skills.
Kind of like starting with the new language of care.
That's exactly what Angela did when I started working in urology and she's still friendly.
She is one of the best nurses I know and she loves what she is doing.
With her help, I became a better nurse today and was able to work confidently.
Angela, thank you for all you have done for us. —
Nominated by Sarminaz Salek
HeydariLaura Capuccio at Boston Children's Hospital is an amazing advocate for my son, who is terrified of medical conditions and often needs a program that makes him very anxious.
Laura would like to meet us-
Even make an appointment with his psychiatrist.
Help my son to complete the program as little pain as possible.
She was very patient with him and met his need for control.
Before we found an effective strategy, she tried different strategies tirelessly.
She never bullied him or put pressure on him.
As other competent clinicians sometimes do)
But he listened to his concerns and found a solution with him.
I can also get her to develop strategies and plans for his care to make it as comfortable as possible.
I feel that she may sometimes stay after working hours.
She is a godsend to our family.
-The nomination of Elizabeth handelmann Trisia Crawley, Emergency Department, Boston Children's Hospital is extraordinary.
She takes care of my son Tim, a deaf, blind and cognitive impairment patient.
He was taken to the children's emergency room after a seizure.
The challenges he faced made it difficult for him to figure out where he was and what happened.
Tricia is wonderful.
She released her peace of confidence and compassion.
She immediately realized that she and the other carers needed to communicate with Tim through a combination of sign language and his iPad, with special care to explain what was going on because he could not see who had entered the room, can't see what is being prepared.
Tricia embodies the care of the best biotechnology Security Information Center.
She is not worried about a complicated patient, and her concern is rooted in ability and compassion.
She was able to put herself in the shoes of Tim and think about how he felt.
Her kindness, her ability
Attitude and her professional spirit turned a terrible night into a strong reminder of why BCH's nurses are the best in the world --
And there is no Tricia. 1 among them. —
The Boston Children's Hospital was nominated by Mary Casey Ashley Doherty and Ashley always helped me when I needed it.
She made sure my room was clean and tidy. —
Boston Children's Hospital Ashley, nominated by Rio Morley Ashley Goldstein, was fantastic while taking care of my son Cole, all the way to getting little details like labs and comforting him.
This is the fourth time we make public. heart surgery.
We love our nurses, but Ashley stands out.
She is very concerned and enthusiastic about the patients and their families. —
Nominated by Cole Murray Head Maggie Gordon of Boston Children's Hospital ICUyear-
In February 2018, the old son Brooks transferred from the Maine Medical Center to the bch icu.
When Brooks was basically in a medically induced coma, several great nurses and doctors looked after him;
He has a kidney on his breathing tube and two tubes on his nose.
Nurse Maggie walked into our lives as a junior nurse at Brooks.
She rarely left the room at the age of 12.
On an hourly shift, check his lines, tubes and medications in an orderly manner.
I couldn't keep track of everything that was going on, but I felt confident watching Maggie do her job.
She made sure we always knew what was going on.
In addition, during rounds she was his biggest advocate, not only to speak out our concerns when necessary, but also to speak out her concerns and work with doctors to get the best possible results.
At this difficult time, her voice was the biggest, but also the most calm, and we never felt more comfortable taking care of our son with others.
You can see Brooks is her number one priority.
After we moved from the ICU to the cancer ward, Maggie still came down to check him out.
Brooks did well a year later but is still under treatment at BCH.
Our time in the ICU was terrible, but we will never forget Maggie. —
David KeavenyKaren Grundstrom, neonatal intensive care unit, Boston Children's Hospital, was nominated. Our daughter spent seven months in the NICU and had several surgeries and surgeries.
Karen's amazing compassion helped us through the most terrible days of our lives.
She cares more about our daughter than we know.
She can always talk to us about anything.
Not only did she teach me how to defend my family, but she also took care of all the medical needs of my daughter. —
On last January, Jessica Noah chillinsey Jordan, Boston Children's Hospital intensive care unit, nominated to take care of our son Wilder in the ICU.
In the first year of his life, we have been in and out of the hospital more than a dozen times, so we know how nurses can put you in or off.
Lindsay really paid everything for Wilder.
We had a hard time putting up with his pain and she did not hesitate to talk to the doctor and the pain team to make him comfortable.
There were some complications after Wilder's surgery.
It's not a big deal, but she never worried me.
She understands that while other children in the hospital may be worse than him, this is my child and I have full rights and reasons to ask questions and push for a resolution.
During some of our previous hospital stays, I didn't sleep all night-
Not only because the hospital is big, the bed is not comfortable, but also because I feel I need to make sure my son gets the care he needs.
When Lindsay was our night nurse, I could really relax and get some sleep.
These six days in the ICU were the hardest day I 've ever had, but Lindsay removed stress and concerns as much as possible. —
Anne, nominated by my daughter's junior nurse, Caroline Darst Romney kufall, Boston Children's Hospital, has a heart of gold.
All the nurses there were great, but seeing that Anne was constantly building such a rapport, my daughter and I felt comfortable asking all of our questions.
Anne always gives answers based on data and her own clinical experience.
If she wasn't sure about it once or twice, she quickly consulted her resources and replied to me.
She taught me a lot in the new area of my daughter's treatment program, and always with compassion and dignity.
I trust her enough to go for a cup of coffee or lunch while she plays games or chats with my daughter to make her laugh happier --
Unfortunately, this admission is a few weeks long, not a few days, but Anne's compassion, teaching and encouragement make every step more tolerable.
Nurses like her have improved the whole profession. —
Colleen Lewis Stephanie Larsen of the Boston Children's Hospital MSICU nominated Stephanie to save her life while calling her daughter.
She is amazing and we want her to be our nurse as much as she can during the 12 days of MSICU.
Stephanie is not only in our 3-week-
Old, but my husband and I are old.
She bandaged the leaking C for me.
I left a scar three weeks after birth.
When my child was also connected to the ventilator and monitor, she asked me to hold it twice.
Stephanie was kind, caring, knowledgeable, and I was happy to be our nurse on the worst day of our lives. —
Nominated by Megan DE Marcus Levy, Erin Sullivan and Lisa Pierce, who are the main nurses of my daughter on the 6 th northeast, respectively.
Words are unfair to the care they give her.
They help her with all the medical procedures with singing, kindness, encouragement, incredible care and expertise.
We will never forget them. —
Amy jovanoni Cali Matieu of Boston Children's Hospital nominated that when you think of a nurse, what you think of is that the hospital's caregiver is on a shift.
This is not the way Kaylee treated our son during his stay in MSICU.
On the first day she took care of our son, she made an instant connection like I had never seen before.
She treated my husband and I like her family.
Her hard work is beyond our imagination.
She is Kaylee, our son's aunt, and a friend of our lives.
She won't let him go.
He's always bathed, sw, talking. to—you name it.
If he does not perform well at the end of the shift, she will check him day and night until she comes back on duty.
When Kaylee set foot on our journey, she was seven months pregnant.
In the last few shifts before maternity leave, she begged the doctor to take the last shift and say goodbye to our son.
She brought him blankets and gloves, and the whole shift was worrying about him about who would be his new junior nurse.
We will always be grateful for her last class because a week later our son lost the battle with CDH.
You may think the story will end there, but we have never lost touch.
Kaylee recently drove for an hour to support our memorial Blood Road.
If you think this is commendable, considering that she also contacted the CDH organization to set up an annual grant in the name of our son and helped us design T-
Shirt to raise capital and awareness of CDH.
Without Kaylee, my husband and I had only our sons in our memory.
But his name will live forever thanks to Kaylee. —
Nominated by Nicole SullivanKaylee Mathieu of the Boston Children's Hospital, there is no sentence, cliché, confusing pronunciation, and there is no award enough to describe Kaylee.
She stands out among hundreds of nurses who care about our ferocity and enthusiasmyear-old.
For nearly a year, we were lucky enough to have Kaylee as our son's junior nurse during his stay at his MSICU.
Looking at how important our children are these days are unbearable, but Kaylee assures them that they will not give up on him.
We were in high spirits, but Kylie never wavered and never gave up her son's life.
Kaylee's skills are a great honor.
I will never forget her quick and organized care skills.
Family education is always considerate and helpful.
Throughout Kaylee's care for our son, she appeared on each shift with a smile and made us feel at home.
She chose to be our continuity and hit him in more innings than Boston.
Her love for being a nurse is evident from her sincere care for the patient.
As weeks and months pass, we see Kaylee's propaganda getting deeper and deeper in her bones.
She is a precious treasure and a real treasure of mankind.
Her heart and soul depend on the expertise of the intensive care unit.
There is no award in the world to replace the care our son receives. —
The Boston Children's Hospital was nominated by Deana reinlorbreanna bisencath ath, who, nine years ago, took her first intensive care ambulance as an emergency department nurse at Beverly Hospital.
That night, Bre rode with her dying new niece.
Then she started to do her next job and she succeeded.
Now, she puts her medical expertise and compassion for patients and their families on a daily basis to work in a children's hospital.
I have been told by many that it will take time for Bre to explain what is happening in the crisis and to calm and reassure them.
Breanna is smart, dedicated, fun, and highly committed to the children and families who come into contact with her.
She deserves this honor very much. —
Nominated by Heidi bisell Leslie melcado, Boston Children's Hospital has been working for BCH for more than five years.
She was originally a clinical assistant, engaged in nursing and is now a registered nurse.
Working with her, treating each child as her own, and providing special care, she has always been extraordinary.
All of our families know her very well and everyone is full of love when they come in.
They told her that she would do everything possible to provide special care.
I can say for sure that the staff and family are forever grateful to Leslie for being in BCH. —
Jerri Lyn AlvaradoColleen Mucalhy of Boston Children's Hospital nominated that my son and I spent eight weeks in BCH when he was fighting kidney damage
Several times Colleen was our nurse and we immediately got in touch with her.
She has always been one of the few nurses Ian wants to get when changing shifts.
The day before we left the hospital, Ian had a seizure.
He never had it before, and it was the most terrible moment of my life.
The room was packed with doctors and nurses in 15 seconds and they were all trying to stabilize my son.
I watched helplessly from the side.
When Colleen arrived she saw Ian get the help he needed but I didn't;
She went straight to me, where she explained what happened and did her best to keep me down to earth.
I was so scared of the scene that I lost control and she saved me that day.
We met a lot of great nurses at BCH, but Colleen always stands out from other nurses.
When I think about how terrible it isof-
The control of that day was that I also thought of Colleen helping me get through it.
It may not be the skill she learned at the nurse school, but it definitely makes her a good nurse. —
The Boston Children's Hospital, nominated by Andrea Donaldson Lauren Perelman, has called every six months to check out my daughter Katie for the past six years.
She took her team (
It would be nice if I could nominate the entire Cape Town team).
My daughter is right.
So it is very difficult for her to make an appointment.
Lauren always calls ahead of time to check in with us.
She deserves recognition from all over the world. —
The Boston Children's Hospital was nominated by Judy Cooper Courtney Ridley, the best nurse and kidney coordinator in our lives. —
The Boston Children's Hospital is nominated by Giullia CisterninoRebecca Sherlock, Spina biifida and the Center for Spinal cord condition. Our daughter is a patient at the center of spina biifida, Rebecca is
She has been with us since our daughter was born and we thank her very much.
She is always caring and kind.
She will answer my question immediately.
Her attitude and compassion make it clear that she really cares about patients and their families.
If anyone deserves a nomination, it must be Rebecca.
You are a different angel every day.
Thank you for everything you did, Rebecca. We love you. —
Nominated by TerlajeAmelia Sparrow in January, Boston Children's Hospital knows how to placate nervous mothers and children.
She treats the patient's family as if it were her own.
We had a long trip to BCH and Amy always wanted to meet my daughter.
She is the real fortune of the hospital and the family working with her. —
The Boston Children's Hospital was nominated by Katie Herrick Sarah steudley, who has been on and off as my three-month nurse on the sixth floor against AML leukemia.
She always makes me happy.
She was very interesting. she made the whole experience wonderful.
I'm 17 years old now. I'm going to spend my 18 th birthday here.
This hospital is also great, but it would be much better to see my favorite nurse;
To be honest, I sometimes forget that she is my nurse and regards her as my friend.
When she came to work, she brought this fun positive video that I liked.
The same is true for all the other nurses, but Sarah and I clicked from the first meeting.
To be honest, this whole thing is hard for me, so it's great to have a friend who is my nurse.
When I finally get home, I hope we can keep in touch.
Sarah is a real goalkeeper.
She's good for kids of all ages and she makes my situation better and I promise you won't regret choosing her. —
The 7 th south of Boston Children's Hospital, nominated by Joelene BrogdonSusie Taylor, is a truly amazing nurse and person.
She was our son's junior nurse when she was born and throughout the month.
Long stay in South 7.
She greeted us with a smile every morning and made a detailed progress report.
At the most challenging moment in our lives, she is connected with us to answer all of our questions in a comprehensive and compassionate way.
She celebrated the progress of our son and took our hands in the most difficult times.
We are still in touch through our annual visit to Facebook and the CDH clinic.
Suzy is one of the most knowledgeable, sincere and caring nurses we have met at BCH, and we will always thank her for her care and love for our family. —
Nominated Kaitlyn PlantSarah well, g-of the son of Boston Children's HospitalOur-
The tube passed through the stomach wall and spent more than a month in the Children's Hospital.
Sarah played an important role in assessing the problem and in helping with the action of wound healing.
She checked in on a daily basis and gave appropriate care training to other nurses to keep the area protected and healed properly.
Her input into the surgeon helped guide the care plan. After the g-
Replaced the tube, our son was discharged from the hospital, and the problem with the infection brought us back to the hospital.
Before we finally put Sarah on the right path, Sarah made herself available again.
Although the second admission was due to pneumonia, Sarah evaluated his g-
Because that part is also being treated for infection, there are tubes every day.
Her attention played an important role in the final resolution of the problem.
Sarah's knowledge and experience as a clinical nurse specialist in wound care is incredible and we are fortunate to have her guidance.
Even after our son left the hospital again, she offered to invite us to send her photos to help us if necessary.
With the care of our son, she definitely made a difference.
After months of problems, her input has had the greatest impact on his progress. —
Nominated by Paul LutfyTaylor Yasi, neonatal intensive care unit, Boston Children's Hospital. Our daughter was born four months in advance.
Since we first entered the NICU in last July (
We are still there now)
Taylor showed more sympathy for our daughter and the whole family than we thought.
When our daughter went through a major surgery, she was always by our side and helped us celebrate a milestone like her first Halloween.
It was terrible to have children in the NICU, but Taylor always made us comfortable.
She has been a true blessing for the past seven months.
Now that we are ready to leave the hospital, we are beginning to realize how much we will miss Taylor and how much she will care about our daughter. —
Nominated for the Homeless Program by Jessica Noah Kas Boston healthcare, Boston healthcare nominated Peggi not based on an interaction or experience, but nearly three of her --
One year as a member of the HIV care team.
For more than 30 years, Peggi has been a registered nurse and her commitment to patients and employees has never wavered.
From the first few days of the HIV epidemic to new cases around our city, Peggi is on the front line every step.
Day after day, Peggi provides care to the most vulnerable of us.
When you get the HIV virus
The positive state of the drug abuse struggle, you will find a very complex patient that needs more attention than the average person.
Peggi never looked like this.
She saw that every patient was fine.
As an extension of her own.
She treated them as family members, while enjoying their success, crying for their loss.
For me, Peggi is a guiding light for a whole new field of care.
We find more people living with HIV than ever before.
It is mainly due to intravenous medication.
I am often confused and shocked.
Peggy was never.
She always offers advice I need and walks around every new diagnosis to make sure they have what they need --
I did the same.
Peggi is more than just an RN-
She is a force of nature, and the world is better.
She changes and heals her life every day.
Not because it was her job, but because she was a real servant.
She moved my life and her guidance still affected me, just like every life she touched.
I hope you can honor these great contributions with a small salute. —
The Boston test-tube baby is nominated by Todd Fox Boston everfrith Bart for miracles every day.
Going through the stressful process of trying to create a child can make you fidgety, hormonal, impatient and fidgety.
Lisa is one of the best nurses I 've ever seen, and it's said a lot since I worked with nurses in the hospital every day.
She never lost her patience and she quickly replied to the phone, which was great considering she was dealing with many people like me.
She is knowledgeable, organized and helpful. best of all—
I am very happy when I need it most.
I am so grateful for everything she has done for me and my husband.
Jessica Kemp
Suski, a test-tube baby in Albany, New York, Boston, has a hard time finding gratitude for Jessica.
When my husband and I struggled with infertility, she had been there for three years.
From educating us about drugs, answering our stupid questions, to listening in times of pain and disappointment, she is still the backbone of support.
The first time you see Jessica, you can feel her passion for work.
On their journey to becoming a parent, she really cares about every patient and their roots.
Our struggle was not only hard for my husband and I, but also for Jessica.
While staying calm and optimistic, delivering bad news requires a special person. —
Nominated by Keenan Robinson Brenda Connolly, afrinda, Boston, supported both pregnancies.
She was the reason we drove to Bedford and she was the best part of our experience.
She never thought we were the same. sex couple.
She encouraged and supported my 49-year-
Our second child's wife.
She is by our side when we feel depressed and need someone to listen.
She was always excited for us and never let us down.
She has become part of our growing family because without her we wouldn't be moving around. —
Morning light nominated DeShiroBrenda Connolly, Boston IVFBrenda has a big smile every morning at 6: 30.
Her compassion and personality makes it so many times that no matter how many times you have to come in for blood work or other tedious dates, she will give you a great greeting.
She remembers you and gives you hope to stay positive and forward-looking. —
Nominated by Jennifer goldski Brenda Connolly from the moment we met she kindly explained everything to me and invited me to call
After my first two rounds of testing failed, she encouraged me to stay positive and made me smile every time I had a blood test.
When we found out that I was pregnant, I told her that I would give up if it weren't for her encouragement, kindness and trust in me, but she made me believe in the process
I will never forget she said, "You were meant to be a mother. Tears of an instant!
Brenda is a beautiful soul and has the luck to have her as a test-tube baby in Boston.
She has played an important role in my journey and I will always be grateful to her. —
Nominated by Stefanie gove Brenda Connolly, Boston IVFI remember to walk into N. BedfordH.
First office like yesterday.
I was so nervous.
Brenda immediately reassured me.
I have an ectopic pregnancy and she is by my side every time HGG tests.
I recently went back and started the process again, and this time I wasn't nervous because I knew I was fine with the team I chose.
I thank Brenda for the compassion she has shown in this difficult process. —
Nominated by Leanne hillman Brenda Connolly, Boston IVFI has gone through a year and a half of infertility treatment starting with my OB
GYN, who eventually transferred me to the Boston IVF center for IVF.
At that time, I began to be sure that I would never be pregnant, but I still tried to keep hope.
Every step of the process makes me happier.
Injection, blood drawing, surgery, waiting.
Every time I walk into the office, I want Brenda there.
She immediately let me relax and made me feel like I was the most important person at that moment.
Her sympathy and support is no longer strong.
Every time I try to stay calm, she keeps working gently while offering friendly, gentle words.
I can't count the number of times I cried in her arms;
Sometimes she talks to me.
When I felt that there was no hope, her strength made me find mine.
She taught me without judgment.
I was able to ask her some questions that I didn't like to ask with others and get useful answers (
Hip muscle injections are awkward, scary and awkward. ).
I'm 16 weeks pregnant today.
I can't wait to bring this kid to that office and introduce them to the wonderful people who helped create them --
Especially Brenda.
I can't imagine going through this process with others. —
Nominated by Jacqueline KeevesMelissa Craig, Boston IVFMelissa is very knowledgeable about the IVF process and helps us conceive children.
Her help on this long and difficult road is amazing.
She always had a smile on her face and listened to my questions and concerns.
I was lucky to have an excellent nurse like Melissa. —
Boston Yves Melissa is nominated by Kristin Bishop Melissa Craig and every time I go to the doctor's office it's a pleasure to meet.
She went out of her way to make me comfortable.
She is kind, loving and knowledgeable.
I was lucky to have her during my birth. —
Nominated by Shauna FanningMelissa of the Boston IVFIn dictionary, next to words such as "compassion", "knowledgeable", "humility" and "sincerity", "there should be photos of Melissa.
To be honest, she is one of the kindest people I have ever met.
It is understatement to say that she is in the right profession.
Generally speaking, being a nurse can be emotional, but this is especially true in the field of fertility.
I must have had a lot of ups and downs.
When people try to create the greatest joy in their lives, you can see from their faces: children.
There are many stories of happiness, but happiness is accompanied by the heartbreak of the other side.
Melissa always smiles and offers wise and positive words.
With her, it goes beyond science.
Her goal is to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable.
Her knowledge and enthusiasm for IVF may be overlooked.
She never hesitates to answer our questions accurately or to appease our nerves.
My wife and I are lucky to meet Melissa and we are grateful people.
The Boston test-tube baby and team across the medical industry would be better off with the talented Melissa.
Thank you for everything you do every day, Melissa;
You are a truly respected person and a blessing to the one you are touched. —
My husband and I, Boston Aifu, were nominated by Colleen O'Brien Karol Lessel to try to form a family, but failed.
We turned to IVF and knew that it could be a long journey due to my age, without any guarantee.
From the moment we started the treatment, through the miscarriage, Carol was a stone and she would call us when we were the most unexpected --cheering us on.
I have a lot of questions and Carol is always by my side.
My whole team is great, but it's especially comforting to have people like Carol think of us at unexpected times.
I will never forget that Sunday, during the cycle of my test tube baby, we were watching a movie.
My mind began to wander, thinking about healing.
I received a text message a few minutes later.
Carol asked me if I needed anything.
The timing was incredible and I couldn't explain how good it made me feel.
I will never forget that.
After the important test, she will call us at night because she knows we are nervous.
She's just an incredible nurse who really gets it.
My husband and I have an amazing 5-month-
Old son, we can't get here safely without Carol.
The award was set up for her. —
Nominated by Laura KelleyKristin MacCutcheon, Boston IVFKristin has been an IVF nurse for more than 20 years.
She has always been friends, colleagues and so on of employees and companies.
Most importantly, she is one of the top nurses to stay with you during treatment.
When it comes to her work, she is one of the best and most knowledgeable people.
She has the best character, smiling and positive attitude every day.
Her passion for work is to put everyone first. —
Nominated by Deana MieleLisa Masciovecchio, Boston IVFLisa is outstanding.
IVF is a bumpy road with a lot of ups and downs, but when I vent or cry about unsuccessful things, she listens with sympathetic ears and when they do, the good news was shared excitedly.
She is a clinician and therapist and I appreciate her very much. —
Caroline Rogers nomination
VizenaMissy neighbors, Boston Women's Hospital, IVFMissy spent the most terrible and beautiful time of our lives with us.
Her passion and love for her work made her perfect for her job.
We will always thank her and the entire office for everything she has done for us. —
Nominated by Nedra SchaeferNikki Palumbo, Boston IVFNikki is always compassionate and kind-hearted even with breaking news.
She always made me hopeful that the journey was not over. —
Nominated Crystal petittpost-
Boston IVFWe surgery center anesthesia care room and operating room nurses have undergone many significant changes as our company has experienced one of the largest mergers ever in the healthcare industry.
I am proud of what we have achieved in the past two years.
It's not easy, but we try to do our best every day so that each of you can realize your dream of being a parent.
Our staff is very good.
I know it is difficult to go through this journey, but please know that we are with you every step of the way and you cannot be with more people who care about others. —
Nominated by Karen PageBryna Runeman, Boston IVFBryna helped us retrieve an egg that caused a single abnormal embryo.
For our next retrieval, we have an embryo with normal chromosomes and an embryo with no results.
Brina called me on the day we dated and told me it was normal to have no results. We had two.
I can hear her happiness when I accept the message.
We haven't moved yet and I know there is still a long way to go but she has answered all my questions and is full of sympathy for our disappointment and for our future. —
Nominated by Rachel MastrangeloBoston medical flight nurse, the Boston Medical Flight advanced at speeds of 2,000 feet miles and 150 miles per hour.
Today, every minute is important on this flight.
Thirty minutes left.
Behind me, in the cabin of an emergency medical helicopter, a Boston medical flight intensive care nurse is working while taking care of the most frail or more severely injured trauma patients in our area
The non-profit Boston medical flight ships more than 4,500 patients a year.
Some have a life span of only a few minutes, and some have a life experience of nearly a century.
Imagine the knowledge and expertise needed to deal with this complexity.
Twenty minutes left.
The nurses are well trained and highly skilled to work with a first aid caregiver
First aid transport team of two in mobile ICU.
I heard a beep from the monitor and the nurse kept checking the condition of the patient: blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen level.
Ten minutes left.
Some patients were sent to the intensive care unit.
Some people go directly to the operating room.
Today, we got instructions from the emergency department.
Nurses send patient reports to medical center staff via radio to remind them what equipment and medications they need.
One minute left.
"Is landing safe?
Flight 2, Boston Tower, guaranteed landing.
"Our nurses are a very good group of professionals.
They are kind and compassionate, using years of knowledge and experience,the-
Important decision on the spot.
Provide critical care to save lives.
I was the lead pilot at the Boston Flight Center.
Through nurses and carers, I have witnessed the beauty of humanity.
Who we are and who we can be.
I am honored to nominate our nurses every day because of who they are and what they do. —
The Boston Medical Center is nominated by Betsy Adams. The Boston Medical Center is a complex-
The care manager, has been working on treating addiction and homeless patients for decades.
Her commitment to serving the followers is unmatched.
I was impressed by her humility, compassion, critical thinking, creativity, communication skills and humor.
Bessie constantly challenges the team to keep the patient's voice leading and center in everything we do.
She embodies the unique qualities that nurses are so important in patient care, and I am proud to call her my colleagues and friends. —
Nominated by Emily Palmer Langji block of Boston Medical Center, I usually work with Angie in the afternoon and evening.
She is very warm and loving.
She also helped quickly and got things done.
I think she is a quiet winner in our clinic.
She works with everyone.
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