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samsung debuts galaxy gear 'smartwatch' - digital pen and pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-23
samsung debuts galaxy gear \'smartwatch\'  -  digital pen and pad
Samsung released its much-anticipated digital watch today, beating Apple and becoming a must-have for this fallhave gizmo. So-
Known as a smartwatch, it can perform tasks such as displaying emails and Twitter messages on devices worn on the wrist, for several years now, but so far it has not attracted much interest from ordinary consumers.
But Samsung has a smartphone giant. and Apple Inc.
Join this battle
Google launches Google Glass products
Experts believe that wearable computers are likely to become mainstream.
That is to say, if consumers can get used to their watches, agents --style. [
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"With the gear, you can call and answer the phone without taking the phone out of your pocket," said Pranav Mistry, a member of Samsung's design team, before the annual IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, he told reporters.
Like many phones and tablets produced by Samsung, Gear uses Google's Android operating system.
The South Korean electronics company says the device can be used as an extension of a smartphone by carefully alerting users to incoming calls and incoming calls on its display, with a display size of 1.
63 inch diagonally.
The strap comes in six different colors with a basic camera that can be used to take photos and videos.
This kit is available for popular social media and fitness apps like Twitter and RunKeeper.
With the popularity of smartphones and tablets, electronics companies are trying to create a new product category to attract consumers.
This includes building advanced computing technology in everyday items such as watches and glasses.
Sony launched the latest smartwatch in June and released an update on Wednesday.
Qualcomm also announced a plan called Toq on Wednesday.
Google is developing Google Glasses
A device designed to work like a smartphone and wear glasses.
Apple is also expected to launch iWatch.
Edge editor Ross Miller said Samsung has surpassed its competitors and had the opportunity to test the wearable technology market after its launch.
Miller told CBC's Lang O'Leary Exchange: "This device is a bit expensive for a lot of people right now, but I think we'll see a serious market for wearable technology next year.
Instead of expecting a smart watch to replace the phone, he became a fashion accessory.
"In the early days, you'll see a lot of devices going wrong in terms of functionality, but in terms of creating a bigger market, fashion will be a big deal," he said.
Mistry shows the call function by lifting the call function to the ear and speaking to the hidden microphone in the watch.
The watch then relays the call to its connected smartphone in a built-in wireless way
Connect in Bluetooth.
The device will be compatible with two Samsung products released on Wednesday.
The Galaxy Note III is a smartphone with a giant 5. 7-
Inch screen and digital pen, and Galaxy Tab 10.
1. tablet with 10. 1-
Comparable to Apple's full-size screensized iPad.
But Samsung has promised to update other Galaxy phones and tablets in the future.
The number of applications using the device is still limited.
More than 70 people are currently supported, including FaceBook, Twitter and RunKeeper.
Unlike regular watches, Samsung only promises to spend a whole day before charging.
This gear is sold in most countries.
25, starting at $299.
This is about twice the price of currently available devices such as Sony smartwatch and Pebble, which are funded through the $10 million that individuals promised on the fundraising site Kickstarter.
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