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samsung has plans for an 'advanced' tablet - best tablet with pen

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-14
samsung has plans for an \'advanced\' tablet  -  best tablet with pen
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According to a new report, the new tablet may be called the Galaxy Tab Advanced 2.
Samsung recently posted a support page on its website pointing to model SM-T583.
The problem is that this model has never been released, which has prompted many to question what products the company may launch.
This conversation becomes even more interesting when you think the same model appears in the recent Bluetooth authentication list.
The list says the slate can be called the Galaxy Tab Advanced 2.
According to SamMobile, who found the leak, there is reason to believe that the Galaxy Tab Advanced 2 may be the successor of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10. 1.
The website noted that version 2016 of the Galaxy Tab A 10.
1 with a SM-
Model T580.
Samsung may have jumped to SM-
About T583 this time.
MORE: Microsoft plans to launch a $400 surface on the iPad, and ChromebooksIt is also worth noting that Samsung has not launched the 2017 version of the Galaxy Tab a 10.
So if the company is really planning a new version, it's time to think about it.
However, Samsung did launch 8-
Inch Galaxy Tab A last year.
So, what exactly can Samsung's Galaxy Tab Advanced 2 do?
It's hard to say.
The certification and support page will not discuss any features that may be on the list, and Samsung itself has not announced any plans for the upcoming tablet.
However, Samsung decided last year to give up the launch of 10. 1-
The inch slate is provided instead of 8-
The inch tablet can tell us.
The Galaxy Tab Advanced 2 seems likely to ship with 10. 1-
Inch screen like previous model.
SamMobile believes it may also work with Samsung's stylus to try to attract shoppers who don't want to pay as much cash for the Galaxy Tab s4. Best Tablet -
Best tablet on the market, best battery life
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