samsungs new galaxy tabpro s easily beats the ipad pro - best drawing tablet with screen-ITATOUCH

samsung's new galaxy tabpro s easily beats the ipad pro - best drawing tablet with screen

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-09
samsung\'s new galaxy tabpro s easily beats the ipad pro  -  best drawing tablet with screen
Daryl DeinoSamsung's photos have made some good Android tablets since 2010, but none of them have achieved great success.
In the past, they also made some Windows tablets with problems.
However, the new Galaxy TabPro S is probably the most beautiful and useful tablet at the moment.
This makes the iPad Pro look like a joke.
The price tag for $899 may look high, but it's totally worth it.
TabPro S does not have a desktop quality processor like Surface Pro 4;
It is equipped with a 6-generation Core m3 processor with a clock frequency of 2.
2 GHz, with 4 gb of RAM, it is enough if you are a power blogger and need to use programs like Photoshop, Microsoft Word and Internet browsing software.
As the owner of a Surface Pro 4 with a $1500 Intel i7 processor, I don't see a big difference in speed when doing most tasks.
Again, I haven't even used Vegas video or even Adobe Premiere on TabPro S.
It is important to note that TabPro S is not really aimed at Surface Pro 4, which is more like a laptop with tablet functions;
Instead, it's targeting the iPad Pro, especially since it's a tablet first, followed by a laptop.
The biggest difference between TabPro S and iPad Pro is that Samsung's devices run a complete desktop OS-Windows 10. The 12. 9-
IPad Pro and 9-inch. 7-
Inch one, which has just announced running iOS, is considered by many to be the best mobile operating system.
But the problem is--
It's just a mobile operating system, and it's misleading that Apple claims it can replace the laptop.
The Galaxy TabPro S is the best screen in a tablet. [
Photo of Daryl Deino]
Maybe the best part of TabPro S is its 12-
Inch Super AMOLED screen--
The first of Windows 10 tablets.
To say it's beautiful is to underestimate the screen and it looks at you more than you look at it.
Think about the screen on the Galaxy S or Galaxy Note device and imagine it zooming in to 12-inches.
The only small problem is the 2160x1440 pixel resolution, which is good for 2013.
In 2016, however, we currently have about 12-
Inch devices, such as Razer Blades with 4 k screens, are invisible.
The TabPro S comes with a keyboard case that wraps the entire device when not in use.
The keyboard itself is nice but not spectacular.
The keys are crowded together and there is not much traveling, but you can still type quickly.
It's easy to get used to TabPro's keyboard after a day of use.
For the iPad Pro, the keyboard of course has the same quality as the Smart Keyboard, and you have to pay an extra $169 for that.
Unlike the Surface Pro 4, there is no pen in the Samsung tablet.
However, Samsung claims that there will be a pen available for purchase soon, but the price is not indicated.
One area where the Galaxy TabPro S does not exceed the iPad Pro is battery life, but this is to be expected.
Samsung claims to be able to do 10.
The full charge is 5 hours but I haven't experienced it yet.
The brightness is set to 50% (
This tablet is still very bright)
When the video flew over from the net, I used it for seven hours. -
This is incredible for such a device.
You don't have to bring the USB of the TabPro S-
C. charger that works with you every day.
The Surface Pro 4 can't even say the same thing about the MacBook Air.
At the beginning of the decade, Samsung reinvented the smartphone.
They are the first company to offer mobile VR headsets.
Today, no one can say that Samsung has reinvented the tablet, but the Galaxy TabPro S proves that they are the best tablet of their kind.
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