samsung says new smartphone series off to strong start in india - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-10
samsung says new smartphone series off to strong start in india  -  smart
MUMBAI (Reuters)-
A Samsung Electronics executive said on Tuesday that the company's Galaxy A-series smartphones had sold 5 million units, with sales of more than $1 billion since it began selling.
The South Korean electronics giant expects the price of the Galaxy A series to be RS 5,290 ($75. 11)
RS 28,990 ($411. 59)
Sales reached $4 billion this year.
Samsung India chief marketing officer Ranjivjit Singh said in an interview with Reuters: "in just 70 days, the series of six models achieved $1 billion in revenue.
Singh declined to give the company's overall mobile phone business revenue forecast in India, the world's second-largest mobile phone market after China.
Samsung has sold 373 mobile phones in India.
RS 5 billion ($5. 30 billion)
At the end of the fiscal year
According to regulatory documents, March 2018.
Samsung, used to be fast-India-
The growing smartphone market is facing fierce competition from emerging markets such as China's Xiaomi and Oppo, which have launched cheap devices with competitive specifications and take advantage of Bollywood and cricket's
According to Hong Kong, the company's share of the smartphone market in India is 23% by shipments, second only to Xiaomi
Based on the rebuttal of technical researchers.
Samsung is using Series A and M phones for millennials in an attempt to regain land that has been ceded by competitors. (
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