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samsung starts us sales of galaxy note 10.1 - digital pen tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-02
samsung starts us sales of galaxy note 10.1  -  digital pen tablet
SEOUL, South Korea (AP)—
Samsung Electronics
The dominance of Apple's iPad has been hit again, with the tablet equipped with digital pens and split-screen mode labeled at the same price. The Wi-
The only version of the Galaxy Note 10 Fi.
1 will be available for sale in the US. S. on Thursday.
The price starts at $499 for the base model of 16g storage and $549 for 32g Storage
The Gigabyte model can be extended through an external memory card.
Apple's latest iPad is priced the same as the Note 10.
1 provides some features that the iPad does not have, while its screen resolution is lower than that of the iPad.
This is Samsung's first Android tablet with a digital pen, which can run two applications at the same time-by-
The sides on the screen are divided into two halves.
Split screen made by Foursquare --
Core processors and 2 gigabytes of RAM are very useful when taking notes while watching videos or surfing the Internet.
Analysts say the Note tablet, which is designed to appeal to business and educate customers, is likely to be more effective than going all out against the iPad, which already accounts for nearly 70% of the global tablet market.
Samsung has released about six Android tablets of the Galaxy Tab series in the past two years, but none of them are as popular as the iPad.
Analysts say Android tablets are less successful due to lack of apps and rising prices.
But pay attention to 10.
1. the Korean company believes that although the iPad has rich applications and clearer screens, it has a product that will be favored by companies and schools.
While Apple makes a new model for the iPhone and iPad every year to meet the needs around the world, Samsung has released a variety of mobile products with different prices, screen sizes, hardware and operating systems.
The strategy helped Samsung edge overtake Apple in smartphone sales, but didn't pay off in the tablet space, probably because Samsung's previous tablet didn't make enough difference from the iPad.
Samsung second
According to IHS iSuppli, the market share of global tablets fell to 9% in the quarter, while nearly 7 of the 10 tablets on the market were marked with the Apple logo.
Analysts say they see multitasking.
Features and other tasks that can be done with a digital pen can help distinguish between Galaxy Note 10.
From the iPad, if these functions are performed smoothly, it may attract the attention of professional artists, educators and businesses.
"I want the video and notes on the left --
Half of the screen can be used widely for educational purposes, "said Lee Xie.
Cheol, a technical analyst at Meritz Securities.
Samsung has improved the pressure-
Since the "S pen" digital pen was first launched with the Galaxy Note last year, it has become more natural and accurate.
5 unexpected success. 3-
The inch mix of smartphones and tablets makes Samsung more confident to further explore the features of digital pens.
There are also apps for about 30 sketches and notes, as well as Adobe Photoshop Touch and games, where S Pen is more convenient than touching the screen.
Samsung plans to expand the list of applications that support multitasking, currently limited to six, an official said.
Other features suggest that Samsung has developed these products in the education and enterprise markets.
The updated S Note app can recognize handwritten mathematical formulas, geometry, English letters and Chinese characters, allowing a digital pen to work as an input device without a physical keyboard.
"S Pen provides active content creation and passive content consumption," said Tim Baxter, president of Samsung Electronics USA in a statement . ".
In South Korea, Samsung has begun tracking corporate customers and schools with the Galaxy Note 10.
1 and the company did not release products for consumers.
Samsung Life Insurance and its affiliated insurance company Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance began to distribute Note 10.
1 for sales people who throw away large stacks of paper for tablets.
Samsung also said it would donate nearly 600 Note tablets to eight South Korean schools for education.
South Korea is launching a $2 billion project to replace paper books with digital text.
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