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samsung takes on apple with new tablet - pen for tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-27
samsung takes on apple with new tablet  -  pen for tablet
Samsung Electronics is expanding its tablet range with rival Apple's iPad Mini, which displays a pen on the screen.
The South Korean company announced the Galaxy Note 8 in Barcelona, Spain on Sunday.
There will be 8-
Inch screen, very close to the Apple tablet, the Apple tablet launched 7 in November. 9-inch screen.
This is not the first time Samsung has produced a tablet in the mini-size range: its first iPad competitor has 7-
The size of this tablet is still large, but there is no pen.
Samsung will start selling the new tablet from April to June, and the current price is yet to be determined.
It announced the news before the Mobile World Congress. The Mobile World Congress, the annual trade show for the wireless industry, will open on Monday in Barcelona, Spain. The Note 8.
0 fill the gap in Samsung's product line-up of pen-
Complete equipment.
It's somewhere between the Galaxy Note II smartphone and its 5 smartphones. 5-
Inch screen and Galaxy Note 10. 1, a full-size tablet.
Samsung made a pen-
Called stylus-
One of the tools it uses to weaken Apple on tablets and highTerminal smart phone
Apple does not produce any device that uses a stylus and prefers to optimize the interface of the fingers, mouse and touchpad.
On Samsung's Note line, the pen can be used to write, highlight, and draw.
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