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samsung unveils smartwatch ahead of rivals - digital pen and pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-23
samsung unveils smartwatch ahead of rivals  -  digital pen and pad
Samsung has released a much-anticipated digital watch, at least a few weeks ahead of rival Apple's equivalent. The so-
Some technical analysts believe that smart watches may be a must-have for this year.
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Samsung released the Galaxy Gear at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin on Wednesday.
Samsung said the device can be used as an extension of the smartphone, by carefully reminding users to pay attention to incoming calls and incoming calls on its display, the size of the display is 1.
63 inch diagonally.
Secret agents, users can even call.
Did not take out the style of the mobile phone.
The kit is also equipped with basic cameras and works with popular social media and fitness apps such as Twitter and RunKeeper.
Samsung will start selling its $299 Gear smartwatch in September, earlier than Apple expected.
I have a chance and pre-
About 10 minutes of production time, and a brief introduction to the version announced by Samsung on Wednesday on the eve of the annual IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin.
Like similar products already on sale, gears are not a stand-alone device.
To get useful features, the device needs to be connected to a specific Samsung smartphone or tablet.
Pairing is done wirelessly via built-in Bluetooth connection-
Both sides agreed.
The display of the gear is the touch screen for measuring 1.
63 inch diagonally.
It has an embedded camera on its strap.
The device supports apps like Facebook that allow wearers to answer incoming calls or view emails without having to pick up a smartphone paired with it.
This smartwatch is not a smartwatch disclosed in Samsung's recent patent filing with a flexible display.
With the popularity of smartphones and tablets, the mobile phone industry is creating a new product category to wow consumers.
Many people believe that the next important step in consumer electronics is advanced computing technology in daily necessities such as watches and glasses.
Apple is seeking an iWatch trademark.
At the same time, responses to projects such as Pebble also demonstrate public interest in this trend. Pebble is a smartwatch that has received more than $10 million in investment commitments through the Kickstarter website.
Samsung is not only trying to attract tech enthusiasts who have to have the latest devices, but also trying to attract young design enthusiasts --
Conscious Consumers
The design talent and ease of use of the gear are its sweetest attributes, but this may not fit perfectly in any group.
While Android OS power like many phones and tablets, it only works for Samsung devices
Only newer models.
The price of Gear is about twice as high as that of Sony smartwatch and Pebble, with cameras, speakers and lots of apps
According to Samsung, there are about six dozen.
Apps include Twitter and sports services such as RunKeeper that track running and other workouts.
Moderate use of the device will require a daily battery top
There is another charger to follow.
The biggest disappointment for Samsung gadget owners is that Gear can't work with most phones and tablets.
The device requires the Galaxy Note III, a smartphone with a giant 5. 7-
Inch screen and digital pen, and Galaxy Tab 10.
1. tablet computer.
The two products will be available later this month.
Later, it will be compatible with the Galaxy S4 released earlier this year and the Galaxy Note II released later last year.
In some countries, mobile operators will be in two-year contract.
Elsewhere, consumers can buy gears without a telephone contract.
Overall, Gear provides us with more ways to imagine what wearable computing devices might do for us in the future.
Gear is smart, but in a limited way, because it's essentially a slave to smartphones.
After my short hands
From experience, I think the first generation device is cool but not enough to convince me to give up the current device iPhone.
According to The Associated Press.
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