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santa monica stands alone - interactive tables for education

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-03
santa monica stands alone  -  interactive tables for education
Santa Monica, California.
Believe me, we will see a celebrity.
"With these words, I started to move my eyes and know that my parents are too familiar with laughing and laughing.
Santa Monica, California. —
"Believe me, we will see celebrities.
"With these words, I started to move my eyes and know that my parents are too familiar with laughing and laughing.
"Yes, no matter what, dad," When we got into the city of this L, there was no rebuttal in the behavior of my two children. A.
Seaside enclave.
Our plan is to use Santa Monica as an operating base to explore the city of Los Angeles, especially the Fairmont Miramar Hotel and Bungalows, but it turns out, we found that the city within the City of Angels offers enough to keep a family busy without getting on the bus.
Play the word "Santa Monica" Lenovo with most people, and "pier" and "Cheryl Crow song" will be at the top of the list.
Although the famous amusement park and Santa Monica Avenue are the main elements of the place, visitors can enjoy more.
The city is also a playground for celebrities, and the camera soon highlighted the fact --
Outside the trendy Santa Monica Street restaurant, the paparazzi are holding on.
This is the first time we have seen celebrities, and this happened when we arrived at Fairmont in less than five minutes.
I noticed a well when checking in at the guest counter
The sunburned muscular man in a golf shirt is heading to the outdoor lunch terrace.
"You go," I said. of-
Say to my wife and two children: "Arnold Schwarzenegger is here.
"Yes," said my teenage boy.
"That's not him.
"Yes," said the clerk . " Her eyes never left the computer screen.
"He comes here once a week for a fish tacos.
Welcome to Santa Monica.
The car went to Los Angeles like an umbrella to Vancouver, but we soon found out that Santa Monica-
At least 20 square blocks of Wilshire Avenue borders the Pacific Ocean (
Location of Fairmont Hotel)
5 Colorado Avenue (
End at the beach as Santa Monica Pier)—
Built for a walk.
With a walking map of downtown San Monica, we depart from Fairmont and enter the warm afternoon to explore.
We were in two blocks of Wilshire, turning right on 3rd Street and coming to the Third Street Promenade. This three-
Block stretch, which is the heart and soul of Santa Monica, is closed to vehicle traffic.
Most of the fashion brands you can think of are open here.
From Apple to Tesla and Armani, from Adidas to benatone and Gap-
The restaurant terrace, street performers and art galleries make the street vibrant from morning till night.
For families, there is a wide variety of dining options, from the terrace, the parade of locals and tourists provides endless people --watching fun.
We have also encountered this situation at Santa Monica farmers market, which has attracted Angels from all directions for 30 years.
It has four days a week and the main street on Sunday morning is the place for breakfast with homemadeto-
Fresh omelet, crepes
Baked goods and specialty coffee.
Children can also ride ponies.
The pressure at the pier did everything we could and we felt the tug at Santa Monica Pier, mostly on our shirt sleeves.
The Pacific Park on the pier is an amusement park full of various decorations, from Fair Food to games full of opportunities, as well as rides including roller coasters and iconic Ferris wheels.
Think about the playground on the pier.
Another popular Marina attraction is the beach
The level aquarium, which is recommended for adults to donate $5, is worth a visit.
If you don't like the stomach-stimulating rides, the marina is like Santa Monica, a great person --
The place to watch, from the anglers at the end of the dock to the surfers who carved it below.
In the evening, the pier is filled with neon lights and a festive family atmosphere, as well as a view of Los Angeles. A.
Great photos from the top of the Ferris wheel. Santamonicapier.
Go to another place you have to go
Here you can rent a bike or a pair of roller blades from Perry's Cafe, rent on the beach, and then go to the South Bay bike lane. At 35. 5-
This paved trail, which is kilometers long, is the world's longest coastal bike lane, starting from the north and Malibu, crossing Santa Monica beach and reaching Torrance.
We found trails at the Perry hotel south of the pier, leisurely biking on our beach cruisers to Venice Beach, a legendary community of cultural centers in Los Angeles for decades. The early L. A.
Beat poets is hanging out here and has been home to other iconic SoCal sub-cultures for years, from muscle beaches to skateboarding to punk rock.
The journey from Pier to Venice takes about 20 minutes and you plan to get off as soon as you get there as you will want to see a variety of vendors peddling T-
Shirts, tattoos, tacos and fortune tellers.
There is a lock for rental bicycles.
In Skate Park is the ground-breaking Z-
The boys honed their skills and it still attracted some of the best --and bravest —
Skaters on Earthlabikepaths.
A few days after exploring Santa Monica, it's time to leave further away, meaning driving through Los AngelesA.
The combination of Universal Studios Hollywood, theme parks and film studios provides an action
Immerse yourself in the magic of the movie.
We went to buy a queue pass, which was more expensive than a regular ticket, but it was worth it.
Not an hour.
Wait a long time at the most popular attractionsTransformers 3-
Journey of D and Simpsons
Our longest waiting time is 10 minutes.
We often sit in front of the team.
It's a good thing if you want to experience 14 attractions in a day.
Our highlight is the Water World show.
You may recognize which actors have performed amazing performances in the water.
Fun-filled playground featuring huge fireworks, accelerated jet skis and even flying planes-
Transformers and The Simpsons
No description can be given to justice.
Most importantly, surprisingly, the studio tour allows you to take the bus through the famous back office studio.
It takes you through the set from westerns to Widodo Lane, along with the interactive section where you can face-to-face with Norman Bates, great white sharks and special effects for speed and passion.
Must see the plane crash scene from the World War, King Kong 360 3-
Segment D will allow you to sweat the sweating back in your seat.
Disneyland may be the happiest place on Earth, but Universal Studios Hollywood is one of the most exciting places, especially for movie lovers.
Universal Studio Hollywood. comAncient L. A.
Experienced in the Super
The modern face of Los Angeles, the next morning we entered the center of the city and one of the oldest and most interesting features of the basin.
For decades, the La Brae tar pit oozes from the ground in the form of asphalt or tar.
In these thousand years, animals are trapped in silt, and their fossils reveal a treasure trove for scientists.
The creatures found are mammo elephants, giant cattle, camels, horses, and military knives.
Teeth cat, lion, Jaguar and cheetah.
The remains of a woman were also unearthed.
In addition to visiting tar pits, on-
The website page museum provides an interactive educational experience, including many animals found in the pit, and the fish tank laboratory allows visitors to watch scientists and volunteers recover and classify unearthed fossils every day. tarpits.
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