sarah sanders slams congress as not smart enough to read trumps tax returns and says president wont

sarah sanders slams congress as not 'smart enough' to read trump's tax returns and says president won't release them as long as he's under audit - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-12
sarah sanders slams congress as not \'smart enough\' to read trump\'s tax returns and says president won\'t release them as long as he\'s under audit  -  smart
White House press secretary Sarah Sanders attacked lawmakers on Sunday for reading the 10-year tax return that Democratic lawmakers have asked President Donald Trump "not smart enough ".
I don't think Congress
Especially this group of women members.
I think President Trump's taxes will have enough wisdom to go through thousands of pages.
My guest is that most of them do not pay taxes on their own.
'I certainly don't believe they will look at the president's decades of success and identify anything,' she said on Fox Sunday News.
She also made it clear that the president would not hand over his tax reform plan.
The president was clear from the beginning.
She said he would not release his taxes as long as they were audited.
She attacked the legal section that Democrats used to ask the President to return, a clause that allows Congress to ask for tax bills to see how changes in the tax code can affect people's returns.
"It has nothing to do with whether they will decide the policy.
It's all about political parties.
This is a dangerous road, she said. Rep.
Richard Neal, chairman of the House fundraising committee, asked the IRS to hand over President Trump's tax returns by April 23 and told the tax authorities that the law clearly gave Congress their rights.
The failure of the government to respond by the deadline may refer the dispute to the federal court.
Neil's request on Saturday came after the Trump administration asked for more time to consider his initial request last week.
Neil, a Democrat from Massachusetts, thinks 1920.
Era law states that the IRS "will provide" any tax return requested by Congress "is" unambiguous and will not raise complex legal issues "and that there is no value to the Treasury's objections.
The letter to IRS director Charles retich was the latest exchange of a tug-of-war on Trump's return, this will give lawmakers a deeper understanding of the President's commercial transactions and potential conflicts of interest in the exercise of his supervisory duties.
Trump declined to provide his tax information as a candidate and president in 2016, and party nominees have traditionally done things in the name of transparency.
During the campaign, Trump said he wanted to announce his return, but he said because he was on a routine audit, "I can't.
"Acceptance of an audit is not a legal barrier to anyone who releases his or her return.
After the November midterm election, Trump claimed at a press conference that the documents were too complicated to be understood.
At a House hearing on Tuesday, when asked if there were any regulations prohibiting taxpayers from disclosing returns at the time of the audit, Rettig replied "no ".
The issue certainly seems to be resolved in the federal court.
In the face of legal challenges, Neil told Rettig that he had two weeks to respond --
To April 23 five o'clock P. M.
If retis did not do so, Neil said he would interpret the request as a refusal, which could pave the way for a court struggle.
Neil also requested a return by summons.
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who is in charge of the IRS, told Neil last week that he needed more time to consider unprecedented demand for Trump's return and needed to consult with the Justice Department on that.
Mnuchin accused lawmakers of seeking Trump's return for political reasons.
But he also acknowledged his "statutory duties" and respected congressional oversight. Some Treasury-
Observers observed that Mnuchin's decision to negotiate with the Justice Department could suggest that Treasury lawyers believe Neil has a legitimate right to Trump's return.
Neil said Saturday the government has no right to question or doubt his motives.
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