sask laments slow pace of federal relief for canola farmers - tablets you can draw on-ITATOUCH-img

sask. laments slow pace of federal relief for canola farmers - tablets you can draw on

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-12
sask. laments slow pace of federal relief for canola farmers  -  tablets you can draw on
The Minister of Agriculture of the province of SA questioned whether Canadian farmers were a priority in Ottawa, as producers were still unable to receive more generous cash advances promised more than three weeks ago.
But the federal government opposes interest relief on cash.
The poor farmers are coming in a few days.
David Mallet wrote a letter to his federal minister, Mary. Claude Bibeau.
He urged her to "implement quickly," in the letter, saying that time was putting pressure on rapeseed growers who had to pay for the crop this year, but did not want to sell last year's harvest at a low price.
"If, in the early stages of the growing season, producers are not able to obtain funding, the effectiveness of the project will be greatly reduced," he wrote . ".
As China actually blocked Canola in Canada, the price of canola has fallen.
Marit and producer groups are urging improvements to the APP, a cash prepaid program that helps farmers get through the storm by making it easier to get credit.
Bibaeau promises to raise the loan ceiling from $400,000 to $1 million while raising interest
The free portion goes from $100,000 to $500,000.
Agriculture and agriculture
The Canadian Food company told the Leader
The federal government still needs to pass regulations to allow it to do so.
Katie Hawkins, director of communications at bibleau, said the department still has to sign new contracts with all 36 agencies.
"I know this is very difficult for farmers," she said . ".
"It would be great to flick the switch and implement it immediately, but just implement the technical and management details before it is ready to roll out.
The department explained in a statement that the full amount of $400,000 under the existing cap would be available interest --
"For the next few days" is free, not the current $100,000 limit.
However, raising the total cap to $1 million will take longer, and it will take longer to raise interest.
There is also a free part of $500,000.
In a scrum with reporters on Friday, Marit said he was concerned that the changes might take until the end of July or longer to take effect.
He said he understood that the federal government had to follow a process, but seemed confused about the need for such a long time.
He argued that the federal government could have done some basic work by the May 1 statement.
"We hope we can hear something in the middle. May,” he said.
"Now, hearing that we may be a few months away from hearing it, we are very disappointed that it did not happen much faster.
He thinks the timing will not be worse.
He called the spring sowing season "a big expense of the year.
"I mean, the sowing is obviously going on in full swing.
We have more than crops in the fields and farmers have bills to pay, "Marit said before questioning Ottawa's commitment to complete the work.
"If you want to make it a priority, you can make it a priority," he said . ".
But Bibo said in a statement that the federal government is supporting farmers "around the clock.
Her department let them know that changes will come as soon as possible so they know what tools are available to manage cash flow, she said.
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