saskatchewan teacher having a bad day fined for throwing marker at student - white board-ITATOUCH

saskatchewan teacher 'having a bad day' fined for throwing marker at student - white board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-24
saskatchewan teacher \'having a bad day\' fined for throwing marker at student  -  white board
A province teacher was condemned for throwing a whiteboard mark at a student and hitting her above her right eye.
The Provincial Board of Professional teacher supervision held a disciplinary hearing last fall for Michelle Andrei Joseph levisk after a formal complaint.
The decision was posted on the board's website, saying Levesque threw the mark at the grade 9 Store class on November to attract the attention of disruptive students. 15, 2015.
Instead, it hit another student above her right eye, causing wounds and swelling.
The disciplinary committee found Levesque guilty of misconduct and ordered Levesque to pay a hearing fee of $10,000 (approximately) or suspend his teaching licence within 30 days.
The board will not confirm whether Levesque has paid the fine, but the public registry does not show that he is a registered teacher.
"After several failed attempts to attract the attention of students who were not focused and felt rather nervous, levesque told the disciplinary hearing," I picked up a whiteboard marker and threw it in the direction, to get his attention, not to hurt him. ".
"Under normal circumstances, I will go directly to the students and solve the problem directly.
However, a recent foot injury made walking difficult and I did not wisely choose to get his attention in a way that I now deeply regret.
"The decision also admitted that Levesque was in a bad mood one day after getting up early, was allergic to medication, and had a bad sleep.
The girl said Levesque was "angry" and "hit" her mark.
Her mother took her to the police station, and photos taken by her father within an hour of the incident showed a red mark on her forehead and some swelling around the wear and tear.
"This incident resulted in loss of dignity and humiliation of Student A," the decision said, adding, "throwing things at disruptive students is inappropriate classroom management.
"The decision does not say what school it was.
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