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science says these five things prove you're smart - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-22
science says these five things prove you\'re smart  -  smart
What you know is not intelligence, but the speed at which you acquire new information.
Longitudinal studies show that IQ is fixed at a very young age, so you will be troubled by what you have.
Although IQ is far from the only factor that determines success in life --
Research shows that this is not even the most important factor.
Having a high IQ is not a bad thing.
In fact, I don't know who wouldn't mind having one.
Most of us don't know how smart we are all our lives.
IQ is a hard thing to measure and unless you are willing to pay hundreds of dollars to a trained professional, you will never be able to determine what your IQ is.
New research provides some interesting clues to connect early life experiences with high intelligence.
You may have a high IQ if any of the following applies to you. 1. You’re anxious.
It is difficult to think that anxiety is a good thing, but there is evidence that anxiety may not be all bad things.
Psychiatrist Jeremy Coplan studied patients with anxiety disorders and found that people with the most severe symptoms scored higher IQ scores than those with less symptoms.
Other studies have found that people with higher levels of anxiety have higher scores of language IQ.
Then a more complex experiment was conducted in herzilla, the cross-disciplinary center in Israel.
The researchers asked the participants to evaluate the artwork displayed by the software program and then trigger a fake computer virus that makes it look like the result of what the participant did.
They then sent participants to carry out an urgent task to get technical support, but set up a series of obstacles on their way.
They found that the most anxious participants were also the most focused and effective when performing the task.
The next time someone tells you not to worry too much, tell them this is your mental disorder. 2.
You were an early reader.
A British study of 2,000 identical twins found that although their genes were the same, children who started reading earlier scored higher IQ scores (
Language and non-language)
Than their brothers and sisters.
On the surface, this seems easy to explain: children who learn to read early do so because they are smarter.
But this is not the case.
The researchers concluded that early learning reading actually had an impact on development --
Make the children smarter.
So if you're an early reader, it's probably not because you're smart.
You may be smart because you are an early reader. 3. You’re left-handed.
It turns out that all the teachers who tried to force the left to write with their right hand might have pulled it back.
Although there is a small, so far unexplained association between being left behind
Being a criminal has some intellectual benefits in becoming a South claw.
A large study shows
Handedness is related to divergent thinking, especially among men.
This unique ability to combine two unrelated objects in a meaningful way is a sign of intelligence. 4.
You had music when you were a child.
There are many studies that show that music training can enhance language intelligence and execution functions, a skill that is essential to focus and selfcontrol.
In a study conducted by psychologist Sylvain Moreno, 48 children aged four to six participated in a teacher-led computerized training program.
One hour a day, five days a week, four weeks, half of the students completed a music project, and the other half completed a visual art project.
At the end of the experiment, 90% of children trained in music improved their language IQ.
So, it's a good sign if you had music lessons when you were a child. 5. You’re funny.
The clowns rejoice!
Studies have shown that there is a strong connection between interesting and high scores in terms of language intelligence and abstract reasoning.
Your witty joke seems to be a product of a keen mind.
Now all you need to do is come up with a joke about this.
This list is not exhaustive, so it does not rule out your high IQ if any of the above does not apply to you.
But if a lot of these items do apply to you, you might be smarter than a regular bear.
What do the smartest people you know have in common?
Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, as I have learned as much from you as you have learned from me.
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